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Campus prepares for week of class competition, activities

The 34th annual FCS homecoming week‘s theme is Disney movies. Each class chose a movie to base their float on and, for weeks, students develop ideas, built floats, created costumes and assigned students to ride their floats homecoming night. As in year’s past, students look forward to the announcement of class float winner and homecoming court victors.

Sam Cross | The Feather Online

Joshua Savage, ’19, paints a segment of the senior float, Sept. 10. The float features a sunset skyline of New York City.

Leadership advisor and teacher of six years Aubri Foster talks about the blessing her leadership students provide and hints at her favorite part of homecoming night.

“This leadership class is huge blessing, motivating these students as they lead their classmates in different activities is such a joy,” Foster said. “I’m looking forward to the homecoming game and seeing the court princesses and queens all dressed up.”

Floats will be judged by campus staff and given first, second, third and fourth place according to each class’ theme, craftsmanship, class participation, proportions, originality and public appeal.

Ashley Logan, ‘22, one of the freshman candidates this year is proud of her class’ work and dedication to their float.

“Our float is going to be better this year because we put a lot of detail into the painting and came up with some cool ideas,” Logan said, “such as a Buzz Lightning box which looks like the box that Buzz Lightning was sold in. We are also making some big cards out of wood and we made the float so that it would look like it was from the toys perspective.”

Commenting on the hours they invest and memories they are making, Kayla Vanderlinden, ‘20, shares about junior float building.

“This year our theme is from the movie ‘UP’,” Vanderlinden said. “Our float is coming along really well, we’ve made a considerable amount of progress. All together we’ve spent about eight hours so far, it’s been a lot of fun and we laugh a ton.”

Logan Lewis, ’19, interviews the senior homecoming court.

Last years elected freshman princess, Caleigh Alday, ‘21, shares her love for Disney and how that translates to her involvement with the sophomore float.

I am a Disney fanatic so I really love and appreciate that we are doing different Disney movies,” Alday said. “It’ll be really fun because there are so many things you can incorporate into each float. I think each float is going to bring a different aspect of Disney and their movies. I think our float is going to be the best because it’s Aladdin so it’s going to have a lot of Arabian aspects as well as a lot of different scenes on the float.”

Homecoming court is as follows:

Freshman princess nominees: Emily Penberthy, Ashley Logan, Makayla Davila.

Sophomore princess nominees: Paige Provost, Mackenzie Beckworth, Rylee Schwab.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

The senior homecoming court prepares for a “Royal Battle” competition during homecoming week. In boys vs. girls fashion, the court competes in a lip sync dance competition.

Junior princess nominees: Danielle Foster, Toryn Triplitt, Lindsay Weimer.

Senior queen nominees: Macie Thompson, Julia Fiske, Ashley Zamarripa, Sophia Kalugin, Kamryn Schultz.

Senior king nominees: Alexander Rurik, Kyle Friesen, John Monke, Griffin Schmidt, Darrin Williams.

Each day of homecoming week students are encouraged to dress up according to the daily theme. Certain days will have special events such as Champions for Tomorrow, princess pageants, and the Royal Battle.

Friday, Sept. 29: Homecoming bonfire rally, 6:30 p.m.

Monday, Oct. 1: Captain America Monday (American wear)

Tuesday, Oct. 2: Goofy’s Wide World Of Sports (Sports Team Day) and Champions for Tomorrow after second period

Wednesday, Oct. 3: Sleeping Beauty’s Wake-Up Wednesday (PJ Day) and Princess Pageant at lunch

Thursday. Oct. 4: Moana’s Tropical Thursday (Hawaiian Day) and Royal Battle

Friday, Oct. 5: FCS spirit wear day and homecoming football game, 6:30 p.m.

Vijay Stephen, ’21, interviews junior high teacher Hallie Rojeski on the history of campus homecomings.

Macie Thompson, ‘19, talks about the vision for the senior float and all the hard work seniors are putting in to help create their float.

“We chose The Avengers for our float theme.” Thompson said. “Our vision is a New York skyline all destructed. Our float building has been going really well, all we really have left to do is assemble the finished pieces. This year lots of seniors have been pitching in to help which is really fun. In total I know we’ve spent at least 12 hours all together working on our float.”

Alday also reminisces her first homecoming and her favorite events of the week.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Students are encouraged to dress for each day’s theme during the week. Monday’s theme will be, “Captain America Monday”. Students wear patriotic themed clothing to earn points for their respective classes.

“My favorite event is definitely homecoming night,” Alday said, “seeing all the floats being put together and all of your hard work being shown, and we also get to see the princesses and the kings. The king and queen dances are really interesting too, they are probably the best event in homecoming week. Dressing up is also so much fun because we don’t really get judged, so we can dress as crazy as we want, or not dress up as much and nobody really judges you.”

Logan also anticipates her experience as a princess nominee in the princess pageants.

“I am looking forward to princess pageants because I’m excited to see what we get to do and this will be my first time watching it and participating. I am also excited for the homecoming night to see what our float looks like and what the other floats look like.”

Alday recommends everybody to stay connected and participate as much as possible to benefit each class’ float and experience.

“Get involved, ask what’s happening, what do I wear on this day, what’s the next day that I am going to dress up,” Alday said. “Start getting planned for what you are going to do because you might get featured on The Feather, where you might be able to promote homecoming and your class float.”

The campus bonfire rally prefaces homecoming week activities. At the rally, the football team and cheerleaders speak and perform for the student body, 6:30 p.m. at the Nale barn.

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