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Avery Jones | The Feather Online

Anthony Lonardo, ’19, Aaron LaCroix, ’19, and Blake Burdan ’20 (left to right) sit out due to injury in the game against Mission Prep Academy, Sept. 21.

Eagles lose to Mission Prep, homecoming next, Oct. 5

During the Mission Prep Academy football game, three Eagles (left to right) Anthony Lonardo, ’19, Aaron LaCroix, ’19, and Blake Burdan, ’20, did not finish the game due to injury, Sept. 21. The Eagles also lost the game, 45-6.

Captain, Aaron LaCroix, ’19, left the game in the first quarter with an ankle injury. LaCroix previously tweaked his ankle in the Villanova Prep game, but reinjured it during the previous Mission Prep game.

“I caught a pass then was being tackled around my waist almost immediately,” LaCroix said. “They were bringing me down while my foot was planted and they twisted me around.”

He will take a break from practice to let his injury heal, but hopes to return by the homecoming game against Frazier Mountain.

Captain Anthony Lonardo, ‘19, goes down in the second quarter with a shoulder injury, after getting tackled by several players. Lonardo was taken out for the rest of the game, and will have to sit out practice for a couple days. While striving to finish out the quarter, the pain was too much to continue.

“I got hit by the opposing team and it aggravated my shoulder, and then I threw the football and it pushed it a little farther,” Lonardo said. “I felt pain in my shoulder but continued to push through until I went back on defense and hit one of their linemen and that was the last straw.”

The coaches decided that he would not be returning to the game but hope that two weeks off will allow him to heal. 

The next day, Lonardo went to the doctors where he got his shoulder checked out. X-rays showed no broken bones, but found out their is a minor strain on the tendons in his shoulder. Lonardo hopes to return next week to be ready for the homecoming game against Frazier Mountain.

Junior Blake Burdan is injured in the fourth quarter with just minutes left on the clock. Burdan sat out after experiencing a tackle by the opposing team, bruising his ribs. With the weekend to rest, he returned the next week for practice. Burdan is looking forward to the next football game, Oct. 5, which is the FC homecoming game.

“I should be back to full health and ready to play again,” Burdan said. ” I love having the crowd on our teams side and cheering all game long.”

Make sure to come to FC homecoming to cheer on the football team, enjoy court announcements an get involved with the homecoming activities, Oct. 5!

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