Profile: Schultz strives for excellence on and off court

Profile: Schultz strives for excellence on and off court

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Senior leads on campus, aims high, achieves much

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Kamryn Schultz is involved in volleyball, worship, leadership, and journalism at FCS.

Striving to be a leader and honoring God in everything you do takes a lot of perseverance and faith. This is the type of human being Kamryn Schultz, ‘19, aims to be on the court and on campus. 

Schultz has been attending FCS for nine years returning after a four-year gap in sixth grade. Schultz is a senior volleyball captain, editor in chief for the Feather Online, a lead singer for the worship team, and vice president for ASB. She explains what her motivation and drive that determines to do so much.

“Yeah, I’m involved in a lot of things,” Schultz said. “I think that just comes from when I was younger. When I first started swimming, I always was determined and I always wanted to be better and I think that kind of lead on into school and also other activities that I do. I love accomplishing things. I get to know more people I gain more knowledge than I used to and I just get to have a really fun time.”

Schultz has been playing volleyball since fifth grade. She has been attending FCS since sixth grade. With her experience in volleyball and a captain, she explains what kind of difference she wants to make on the team.

“This is my second year being a captain and this year I’m really excited to lead the team in being more connected,” Schultz explained. “Last year we were not really connected. We had some really good players but we were working individually not as a team. This year I hope to be a positive influence and uplift players into playing their best.”

All throughout her childhood and early high school, Schultz was extremely devoted to swimming. She swam competitively for Clovis Swim Club with other student-athletes. She explains why she left the swimming world to pursue some things that were important to her and would better her in the long run.

When I started high school I was a swimmer,” Schultz said. “I’ve been swimming for nine plus years. And I was really dedicated to the sport. And I realized that journalism was becoming more important than swim and so I decided to quit swim. But as time went on, I realized that journalism was becoming more important and I was actually going to start making a career out of it.”

For all greats of the past, there was always someone whom they can give credit to for shaping them into who they are. For Schultz, it is her parents. She shares how her mom and dad have contributed to her personality and lifestyle.

“A person who has mentored me a lot is my dad definitely,” Schultz said. “And my mom. But my dad, he just has a lot of encouraging words. He usually tries to solve my problems, which isn’t always the best idea. But by solving my problems it makes me learn more. And so that has really influenced my not only playing on the court but also like in life in general.”

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Schultz has played volleyball since 5th grade and is captain of the varsity volleyball team.

Chris Schultz, Kamryn’s father is a pastor at The Well Community Church and a former board member at FCS. He is an alumnus from FCS, where while attending was involved deeply into the life at FCS. He shares how he has seen his firstborn grow and his hopes and dreams for her.

“Kamryn is an introverted achiever,” Chris Schultz said. “She excels in so many different areas of life (academics, athletics, music, leadership) and yet can appear very withdrawn.  I watched her come out of her shell and enter in with people and be more assertive in her leadership and passion for life. I have seen joy come out of her in ways that make my heart delight. She works hard and is always able to manage a busy and hectic schedule. She takes after her dad that way.”

Coach Kit Maddox is the FCS girls volleyball varsity coach this year. This is his second year coaching at FCS. With his extensive background in the sport and his heart for building student-athletes that excel in all areas of life, he has had great success at FCS. He shares a little bit about Schultz and what she brings to the team.

“I got a chance to get her (Kamryn) last year,” Maddox said. “And I mean she was a good little setter last year and we were just able to kind of take her and work with her a little bit and she did phenomenal last year. She was first team all-league and this year she’s already one of the top standout centers in the league and is doing a phenomenal job and I mean really is a standout setter.

“She brings such a leadership quality to the team,” Maddox continued. “One of the first things I saw with her is that she’s a leader. She works hard, puts her head down and never gives up. Those are great qualities to have as your setter who’s touching every ball making every play go over. So she competes every time and wants to make it better every time and those are great qualities to have.”

Schultz prepares to take the step into the next chapter of life which is college. She shared where she wants to go with her future and the legacy she wants to leave behind at FCS. Schultz has two different plans that she would have to choose between. Either she will do a gap year and possibly attend the Joshua Institute at Hume Lake or take a gap year and travel the world for a bit. She would like to go to Biola University and major in communications with an emphasis on journalism and a minor in music. 

Blake Deffenbacher | The Feather Online

Schultz sings on the worship team, as well as in women’s ensemble.

“I just want to accomplish as many things as I can, but also lead everyone and everything that I do towards the Lord,” Schultz said. “Because I didn’t do that my first two years of high school or three years of high school and I’m realizing now that whatever I do, it’s for God. What I need to do is just lead everything towards God, and show others what it means to live a God-influenced life.”

A focal point of the FCS mission is to train and disciple world changers. Kamryn Schultz is proof of this. Doing so much her senior year, handling the stress of different activities and classes, Schultz is a humble achiever. She makes sure that all her accomplishments and the credit she is given back to God. Knowing where she has been and where she is going prepares her for this next chapter in her life.

But before college, there is her last year at FCS. Schultz wants to leave behind a legacy that sets an example of excellence and humility to future students. Schultz is a big part of FCS; she brings joy, talent, and love to the campus and her presence will be greatly missed, but there is still now, there is still today, and who she is will never change no matter where she goes. She is confident in who she is as a child of God and that can never be swayed.

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    Well written article on a really neat person!

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    Great article Carston, I love having Kamryn on campus. She like many of our students, is taking on the call of World Changer with abandon! Keep up the good work FCS!

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    Thank you so much for writing an article about my life here at FCS! It’s definitely been a memorable one!

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