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Class 0f 2022 shares perspective on upcoming week of activity

Alyssa Reese | The Feather Online

Freshmen princess nominee, Makayla Davila (center) chews on a raw beet during a lunch pageant, Oct. 1.

Freshmen princess nominees consume or wear bizarre foods to open pageants games humoring fellow classmates, Oct. 1. The girls compete against the other class nominees enduring the smell of sardines, the taste potted meats and chilled refried beans amongst other foods.

The class of 2022, takes on homecoming week, seeking new exciting experiences. The campus hosts it’s largest freshmen class in the past decade with 51 freshmen, determined to contribute to the 34-year long homecoming tradition. The week consists of events like float building, princess pageants, and dress up days.

“Merica Day” (American wear), “Goofy’s Wide World of Sports Tuesday”, “Sleeping Beauty’s Wake-Up Wednesday” (PJ day), Moana’s Tropical Thursday” (Hawaiian day), and “Spirit wear / Sports team wear” consist of this year’s homecoming dress up days.

The festivities can be exciting and frightening for seniors and freshmen alike. While seniors have gotten accustomed to the week of activities, new and unsure freshmen may not share the same mindset. New student, Brooklyn Anderson, ‘22, is unsure of what to expect during homecoming.

“I haven’t been to a lot of homecoming’s anywhere else,” Anderson said. “However, I think it’s going to be really fun. It’s been really fun working on the float. I’ve gotten to know everyone a little bit more, just working with them and working together.”

Freshmen English teacher Kyle Dodson advises class of 2o20 to get involved with school activities

Although newer students are going to be coming into unexpected traditions, some seniors provide leadership and mentorship to freshmen. Macie Thompson, ‘19, encourages freshmen to enjoy homecoming.

“Try really hard to make it as much fun as possible and don’t really think about how embarrassing it could be,” Thompson said. “Just embarrass yourself as much as you can because it creates awesome memories.Going all out when dressing up and during all the activities gives you a chance to bond with others in and out of your class. It also brings to people’s eyes something they may have never known about you! Whether you are nominated as a princess candidate or not, do not let it get between your friendships!

Lindsay Weimer | The Feather Online

Freshmen Austin Petersen and Noah Weimer play a game of cornhole during the bonfire rally, Sept. 28. Football players and cheerleaders spoke and performed during the event which served to promote the upcoming homecoming week.

“Live it up and have a blast, make the best of everything going on,” Thompson continued. “Personally, my freshman experience for homecoming was so much fun. My friends and I went all out when we dressed up and got into all of the activities including float building. Not only did we make so many awesome memories, it drew us all together as a class.”

Freshmen leadership student, Max Hinton, explains the positives of homecoming. He encourages fellow freshmen to attend and be a part of the experience of the week.

“Both juniors and freshmen are building their floats at our house this year so it’s been a lot of fun,” Hinton said. “I will be dressing up everyday as well. Homecoming is a good way to connect with your class, come to homecoming; it will be fun. Don’t skip out.”

Homecoming princess candidate, Emily Penberthy, ‘22, provides her outlook and appreciates the help senior queen candidates provide.

“I am super excited and honored to be nominated by my class,” Penberthy said. “All of the queen nominees are a huge help; they all give me great tips to get ready for the big night. I am definitely looking forward to being dressed up with all of my best friends and being a part of such a huge event.”

Homecoming may be centered around football, but there is a friendly atmosphere to it. Fellow freshman leadership student, Edward Fikse states there’s a bond in leadership he obtained, one that can be spread through attendance.

“Being in leadership is fun, you get to serve God and be with your friends too,” Fikse said. “It creates a bond that is hard to take away from. I am excited to go to the game and spend time with my friends. I urge them (classmates) to participate. It’s a fun bonding experience, a lot of freshman are doing it already, which I appreciate. I’m not going to force them to, but any help would be great.” 

Homecoming activities continue throughout the week, with princess pageants each day during lunch. According to float building team leader, Max Hinton the freshmen continue to put final touches of paint on their float, but have completed construction.

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