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‘Murica Monday kicks off homecoming week

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Students dress in red, white and blue for Captain America Monday, which kicked off a week-long class competition. The winner will be decided homecoming night.

Today kicks of the month of October, and with it, Fresno Christian’s 34th annual homecoming. This year’s theme is “Homecoming Happily Ever After” and each dress up day follows the Disney theme. Similar to last year, proceeds and donations from the homecoming game will benefit a single non-profit, Kids on a Mission.

As the day began, hallways filled with students wearing red, white and blue. Monday’s dress up theme highlighted Captain America. Hayden Trevino, ’22, loves the increased participation in high school.

“Our freshman class all got together and we all wore red, white and blue,” Trevino said. “We all look patriotic so it really is a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to the next three years and seeing how our class will grow as a group and just hang out with friends. Celebrating homecoming as a high schooler is so much different than participating in it as a junior higher. It’s not just a few people dressing up, it’s everyone and that really shows our school spirit.”

Each student who dresses up in the daily theme earns points for the class-to-class week long challenge. The senior class won Day 1 with 95% participating. Senior Angelica Escalera recognized how her class participated more today than compared to previous years.

“It was new to us, it has such a different feeling participating in high school compared to as a freshman. I remember trying to figure out my outfits for the week of homecoming. One of the best things about freshman year for homecoming would probably be the king and queen dance that’s always fun to watch.” -Angelica Escalera

“This year we’re a lot more involved as a class and a lot closer,” Escalera said. “Freshman year, we were all coming out of junior high so we were still on that awkward stage and this year we are a lot more mature and the senior trip really helped with that.”

For princess candidates, homecoming holds additional excitement. This year’s freshman princess candidates are Emily Penberthy, Ashley Logan and Mikayla Davila.

As part of the week-long class competition, princess candidates compete in wacky games during lunch. Monday’s game was “Eat it or Wear it,” where princesses either ate or wore gross and strange foods. Davila, who opted to eat her mystery munch of raw beets, hopes the next three pageants are different.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Danielle Foster, ’20, “wears” refried beans for Monday’s princess pageant. Princess candidates chose between eating obscure foods or having them poured on them.

“I’m most excited for the princess games,” Davila said. “After today, I am excited because I feel that it couldn’t get worse than today, but it was actually really fun. My favorite part about homecoming week is probably bonding with people. The whole week is laughing and dressing up all whack and it’s really fun.”

While glad she can compete in lunchtime showdowns, princess candidate Emily Penberthy, ‘22, most enjoys dressing up. Penberthy looks forward to pajama day.

“I am most looking forward to being able to dress up with my friends and being able to be part of a big school event,” Penberthy said. “I think it’s really fun that we get to participate in stuff like this, but I’m also really nervous because I might be bad. I am most excited for pajama day, because I don’t have to get ready before school.”

In addition to dress up days and lunch activities, homecoming provides excitement simply through the atmosphere. For new students like Casey LaCroix, ’22, homecoming week becomes a shared opportunity with classmates.

“This is my first year here at Fresno Christian,” LaCroix said. “I’m really looking forward to this week of homecoming because I can’t wait to dress up and I’ll especially be dressing up on Wednesday wearing my pajamas. It’s homecoming week, so people are going to be hype and have a different attitude compared to a normal week. I was home schooled before coming here to FC, so the social experience, family environment aspect and the school being small is really cool, because I know everyone and I love that.”

Freshmen leadership members voted on which Disney movie to base their float on and picked Toy Story. This year’s freshman class hopes to continue the legacy of last year’s by winning the float building competition. Evan Brooks, ’22, participated in construction and holds high hopes for victory.

I did help build the float,” Brooks said. “I think it’s pretty good, I think we’re going to win. I believe in that float. We put heart,

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Freshman students watch as princess candidates compete. In addition to lunch time pageants, special homecoming activities include dress up days, float building, the Royal Battle and homecoming night.

sweat, blood and tears into that float. I had so much fun.”

Despite the additional events in high school, Micah Sue, ’21, thinks homecoming week feels the same as in junior high. Sue, a lifer, says the largest change from elementary and junior high to high school is the increased class collaboration.

“I always enjoyed homecoming games because you got to run around, it was so like brand new,” Sue said. ‘Everything like all the floats, sometimes free food and it was really great. I thought there would just be a little more involvement in high school and that’s about it. There’s just more participation in high school, and that’s the real only difference.”

This week’s other themes are Goofy’s Wide World of Sports, Sleeping Beauty’s Wake Up Wednesday, Moana’s Tropical Thursday, and Friday Spirit Wear.

The following video recaps Day 1 of the 34th annual FCS homecoming, Oct. 1. Special thanks to Austin Peterson and Braden Bell for filming and producing.

Homecoming Happily Ever After: Day 1 from The Feather Online on Vimeo.

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