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Caleb Crevier challenges students to strive for excellence

Alyssa Reese | The Feather Online

Crevier rode around the gym on a ten foot unicycle while juggling three bowling balls and balancing a basketball on a spoon from his mouth, Oct. 2. Crevier challenged the student body to strive for excellence.

With the whole week filled with activities such as participating in dressing up all week and princess pageants at lunch, Champions for Tomorrow starts day two of homecoming week with a motivational message.

Inspiring young kids with their incredible strength and abilities such as bending frying pans, this year Champions brought in Caleb Crevier, a skilled basketball handler. Crevier spoke a message on purposely setting life goals and challenging the kids to pursue excellence.

Simultaneously balancing on a ten foot unicycle and juggling three bowling pins, Crevier explained that going above and beyond in life will help you succeed.

Part of a family of 12 kids, also known as Champions Forever, Crevier thinks of his siblings as his best friends. The second child to Bruce and Diane Crevier, Caleb decided to choose to look at the positives of having 11 siblings.

“A lot of people look at siblings as having a chore, but I’ve always been with my siblings growing up, and they’ve been my best friends,” Caleb said. “Yeah, you fight with them, you don’t always get along, but when you choose to look at the positives, it’s so incredible.”

“My parents basically decided to have eleven of my best friends,” Crevier continued. “So we get along well, it’s amazing. Family actually is everything.”

Alexander Rurik, ’19, enjoys having speakers from Champions every year on campus. He appreciates how every year, a different speaker with different abilities presents a different message.

“Every year, Champions for Tomorrow brings in an athlete,” Rurik said. “It’s really nice how they always bring in someone new so the show doesn’t get old. Their talents are all so unique and impressive and it really gives them a highway into speaking into students’ lives.”

The Crevier family, Champions Forever, has traveled to over 35 countries while using their basketball skills to spark excitement in the hearts of young kids. They use their talents to share a message of hope and encourage kids in this generation. Back in 2013, Champions Forever auditioned for America’s Got Talent, traveling to Chicago, Las Vegas, and they all got the opportunity to perform in New York City.

Logan Lewis, ’20, learns how to spin the basketball with his finger with Caleb Crevier.

Amazed by Crevier’s performance, Macie Thompson, ’19, enjoyed watching Crevier perform what he achieved through hard work and dedication.

“My favorite part was when he was on the 10 foot unicycle, and he went in front of me and my friends and made it look as if he were about to fall onto us,” Thompson said. “Everyone got super scared, but it was super funny.”

“Today impacted me because watching Caleb do all these amazing tricks and trusting that he wouldn’t fall on the unicycle showed me that I should always dive head first into my relationship with Christ. I should always follow.”

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