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Students attend special chapel, wear sports uniforms

Students wear numbers, team logos and names of their favorite athletes to school, Oct. 2. Jerseys spur conversations about team records and performances of individual athletes. Students also sport campus jerseys to support their athletic teams.

With the week of homecoming continuing, students support the day’s theme, “Goofy’s Wide of Sports Tuesday” with sports uniforms, watch a lunchtime princess pageant trivia game, and attend a Champions for Tomorrow chapel. 

On Monday, seniors had the most dressed up participation at 95% coming in patriotic attire. Today,  the sophomore class had the most participation in the dress up day.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Juniors pose for a picture showing off their sports gear for Goofy’s Wide World of Sports Tuesday, Oct. 2

The sports themed day allowed students to share teams they support with peers. Selah Draper, ’22, wore Barcelona socks for the dress up today.

“I wore Barcelona socks to school today,” Draper said. “I wore them because Barcelona is my favorite soccer team. I also like baseball and my favorite team is the San Francisco Giants. They are my favorite team because of Joe Panik is my favorite player and he is also a Christian.”

Princesses gathered in game show fashion in front of the student body as student leadership prepared a Disney quiz show. Princess from each class competed against each other with class winners advancing to a final round. Lindsay Weimer, ‘20 won the whole quiz show.

The sophomore class candidates are McKenzie BeckworthPaige Provost and Rylee Schwab and they all enjoyed today’s game.

Beckworth enjoyed the quiz show and how they were able to put their knowledge of Disney to the test.

“Today’s princess pageant was like a quiz talk show, they were testing how well we knew about Disney,” Beckworth said. “My favorite part was when one of the princesses got it wrong and then got pied to the face. The part I did not like was how hard some of the questions were and how random they were.”

While Beckworth enjoyed seeing other people getting pied in the face, Schwab did not enjoy the whipped cream aspect of the competition.

“My favorite part of today was to learn some new Disney trivia,” Schwab said. “My least favorite part was when I got a question wrong and got hit in the face with whipped cream. The whipped cream stayed in my hair. That was the worst part about it.”

This year the 34th annual homecoming theme “Homecoming Happily Ever After”. Each class fundraises for the nonprofit: Kids on a Mission

The sophomore class bases their float off the Disney movie Aladdin. They plan to construct a marketplace with students dressed as characters from Aladdin. Class representative Jacob Hyatt, ‘21, leads the building process for the float.

“We chose Aladdin because we let our class decide once we had our final two, Aladdin and Tangled,” Hyatt said. “It was put to a vote and Aladdin was chosen. For the float, we will be having a bunch of people dressed up on the float to represent all the main characters. We want to raise as much money as possible so we will be selling kebabs on the float as a way for people to step into the movie.”

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Sophomore princess candidate, Rylee Schwab (right) splats fellow candidate after incorrectly answering a question.

Each class hosts build days at pre-determined homes. Zane Muñoz, ‘21, shares his experiences working on the sophomore float.

“I went to float building all the time it was held because I had a fun time the first time I went and wanted to continue it,” Muñoz said. “My favorite part (of the float) is the Genie. I drew out on one of the panels and it took a lot of work, but I think it looks good. During homecoming night, I will be dressed up in a costume and on the float as Jasmine’s father (The Sultan).”

Wednesday’s themes will be “Sleeping Beauty’s Wake Up Wednesday”. Be sure to wear your favorite school appropriate pajamas to earn points for your class!

To learn more about Champion for Tomorrow, visit Champions for Tomorrow.

For yesterday’s activities, read Homecoming Happily Ever After: Captain America Monday.

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The following video recaps Day 2 of the 34th annual FCS homecoming, Oct. 2. Special thanks to Austin Peterson and Braden Bell for filming and producing.

Homecoming Day 2 – ‘Goofy’s Wide World of Sports’

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