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Campus brings back pajama day

Halfway through the 34th annual homecoming, an abundance of students showed up to campus dressed in their favorite pajamas for Sleeping Beauty’s Wake Up Wednesday, Oct. 3. Dressing up earns the student’s classes points, which at the end of the week will be totaled, determining the winning class.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Caleigh Alday, ’21, and Mason Blowers, ’20, wore twin onesies for the day.

Esfan Beheban, ’20, is excited to be involved in the different dress up days. Beheban shares why she dressed up for Sleeping Beauty’s Wake Up Wednesday.

“I dressed up today to show school spirit and get points for my class,” Behehan said. “My favorite part of homecoming is seeing everyone who dressed up and what they dressed up as.”

Some students such as Hunter Nale, ’20, do not dress up for homecoming dress up days. Nale gives his reason why he did not participate.

“I did not dress up for pj day because I didn’t have a onesie, and I don’t think you should dress up if you do not have a onesie,” Nale said. “I like homecoming night because everyone is there and everyone is hanging out.”

The princess pageant continued today as students ate lunch in the gym. Junior Logan Lewis interviewed the princesses, asking random questions about each candidate.

Toryn Triplitt is one of the junior princesses and has participated in the past two pageant games. Triplitt explains why she is looking forward to homecoming evening.

“I am most looking forward to getting to dress up with my dad and take photos with all my friends,” Triplitt said. “My dad is actually pretty excited too and I’m looking forward to getting to spend the evening with him as my escort.”

Not only did students wear pajamas, but teachers also engaged in the festivities. One of which was Leslie Bannister, campus band teacher. Bannister believes it is important to get involved in homecoming.

“I love the sense of community homecoming brings,” Bannister said. “I feel that all the students get involved in the dress up days, the floats and all the fun activities. It’s just a really great time for the community. I think that every year it gets bigger and better and there is consistently increased student involvement. I think it just gives students a chance to have some more fun; it’s not necessarily an academic thing that is going on. It’s a great way for students to get involved and hang out together outside of school.

This year’s weeklong theme is “Homecoming Happily Ever After”, based on Disney. The juniors chose their float to represent the movie Up and will include a house, jungle scene and paradise falls, as well as themed goods available for purchase to support Kids on a Mission.

As homecoming night approaches, junior Shauna Howard explains why she intentionally gets involved and shares her excitement for the rest of the week.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Junior princess candidate,Toryn Triplitt speaks with Logan Lewis, ’20, during the princess pageant during lunch.

“This year I am involved in float building,” Howard said. “Our whole class has been working very hard on our float and I am in color guard so we perform on the night of homecoming during the football game. I’m most looking forward to being able to show what we have done and look at all the other classes float. Everyone has worked really hard and it is cool to see the outcome.”

All classes decided to sell goods to raise money for Kids on a Mission. Their mission is “to empower kids, develop their leadership and communication skills, connect them to projects, mobilize kids and partners, give our time, talents and treasures to serve kids in poverty and impact the world for God’s glory.” Donations can also be given to support this organization.

The junior princess candidates are Danielle Foster, Toryn Triplitt and Lindsay Wiemer. They were chosen by their own class to be nominated.

The final two dress up days are Moana’s Tropical Thursday and Super Spirit Day! There are more princess pageants and activities yet to come all leading up to the final night, Oct. 5.

The following video recaps Day 3 of Homecoming Happily Ever After. Special thanks to video journalists Blake Deffenbacher and Braden Bell  for filming and producing.

Homecoming Happily Ever After: Day 3 from The Feather Online on Vimeo.

Campus gates open on the north field at 5:30 and concessions will be available by 6 p.m. Arrive early though to meet up with friends and alumni for a carne asada taco dinner ($6), along with hot dogs, nachos, churros, chips, drinks, and candy. The homecoming court presentations are at 6:30 and kickoff scheduled for 7 p.m. against Frazier Mountain.

Invite alumni, your friends, family, and the FC community! Share a meal, conversation and encourage students as they finish their floats.

For more information on the 34th annual FC homecoming, check out Captain America Monday and Goofy’s Wide World of Sports Tuesday. To see last year’s article day three of homecoming, read Homecoming for Humanity: Wish Upon a Star Wednesday.

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Homecoming Day 3 – ‘Sleeping Beauty’s Wake Up Wednesday’

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