Alina Davila sings in worship

Alina Davila sings in worship

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Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Alina Davila, ’19, leads student body in worship during chapel.

Second year on worship, senior Alina Davila, leads a song in chapel for the first time, Oct. 5.two teams

A total of 26 members make up this year’s worship team led by teacher Daniel Garrison. Every week the class splits into two groups to switch off to lead chapel.

Davila tells her story of how she joined worship and the things she enjoys most about the worship team.

“I wanted to be on worship team the second I first came to this school,” Davila said. “So I knew that the next year, I wouldn’t be as new, or as scared, so I decided to join! I enjoy absolutely everything about worship team. Just being with other artists using their different abilities for the Lord is amazing.”

She shares her experience on worship team and the different perspective leading worship chapels rather than in the audience.

“Leading worship is different from being in the audience because you’re guiding where the song is going,” Davila said. “If you don’t have energy, the audience doesn’t get energetic. So as a leader, we are called to take a step and guide. I love both playing the piano and singing, but my passion is singing, especially for the Lord. I am more confident singing and I just love being able to be used by God with my abilities to lead worship!”

Davila also sings and plays the keyboard for Peoples Church youth worship team, “The Chase”. At school, she is also a part of ensemble, softball and cheer.

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