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Richie Cortez | The Feather Online

Senior Darren Williams is one of the four senior captains leading this years varsity football team.

Homecoming week is coming to an end and I was able to talk with senior Darrin Williams and discuss FC football. He compared playing for a public school program and a small private school program.

“At public school’s they treat it like a job, but here it’s taken seriously but in a fun way,” Williams said. “Personally, I love this way more.”

The Fresno Christian Eagles 2018 season is going to finish soon with playoffs just around the corner. This team has put in the extra mile to be where they are today. With leadership from coach Russ Counts, the team is poised to challenge for another Valley championship after winning last season. The team is hoping to win its 4th consecutive 8-man Valley championship.

Williams is a well-respected person on the field as well as off the field. He is one of the four senior captains leading this years varsity football team. Playing for the Eagles the past three years has been an amazing experience according to Williams.

In the following podcast, Williams chats with junior Richie Cortez about the football season and homecoming.

Williams’s confidence in this team is what a captain should posses. The belief he has in the team is exceptional. Going into his senior year leading this team through even the toughest games, he let’s his brothers know to never quit. Williams explained to me how much work this years team has put in even during the off season.

“This team has put in a ton (of work); I’ve put in a lot of work,” Williams said. “We’ve all been grinding out this season since July and everyone is trying to be the best player they can be.”

This podcast was recorded on Oct. 4, 2018.

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