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With homecoming week over, sadies asking and ticket sales are in full swing. This year’s Sadie Hawkins trip cost $50 up until Oct. 10. After that date, ticket prices will increase by $5.

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Sophomore Mackenzie Beckworth asks Andrew Moore, ’21, to Sadie Hawkins with a football theme. This year, sadies is at Great America, Oct. 27.

This year, students will travel to Santa Clara to spend a day at Six Flags Great America, Oct. 27. After polling each class, leadership picked the theme “Occupations.”

As sadies comes only three weeks after homecoming this year, the girls have limited time to ask. Rylee Schwab, ’21, made sure she asked before homecoming week began.

“I started thinking about Sadies when it started getting closer to announcing it,” Schwab said. “My friends and I wanted to plan to get a lot of our friends asked and go as a group ahead of time. I asked earlier rather than later because it just takes the stress off of asking and it gives you and the person you asked more time to figure out what your wearing and order it in time.”

As Alexander Rurik discussed in his column, “Small school, big dreams,” FC provides many benefits over larger schools. As someone who attended both Fresno Christian and public school sadies, Max Munoz, ’20, recognizes the uniqueness of the event at FCS.

“Buchanan’s sadies was more like a giant party than a group event which is what I feel like our sadies is, but our sadies is still fun in its own unique way,” Munoz said. “When I went to the Buchanan sadies it was a lot of fun, but last year when I went to Magic Mountain I did enjoy that more because that was an all-day thing. What I do like about the public school sadies is it’s a lot cheaper than ours by like $35 usually.”

The group aspect of sadies provides a draw for many. Max Hinton, ’22, looks forward to the trip for this reason. He says the $50 price tag pays for an experience worth more.

“We get to go to Great America this year and that sounds pretty fun,” Hinton said. “A lot of our class is going, so we all get to hang out and that sounds really fun too. You get to go all the way down on a bus ride, and I definitely think it’s worth the price.”

Whether going as a couple or in groups, sadies provides a memorable experience.

For an article on last year’s sadies, read Sadies 2017: Opposites, Rivals, Villains, Oh My!

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