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Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Seniors (left to right) Griffin Schmidt and Suky Cheema grab information graduation packets, Oct. 8.

Seniors (left to right) Griffin Schmidt and Suky Cheema attend the Jostens informational meeting about graduation details, Oct. 8.

Jostens meets with seniors at lunch to discuss about cap and gown, senior merchandise and class ring information was given out.

A free cap and gown was awarded to senior Reese Brown for answering a question correctly. The question was about how many Fresno Christian graduation photos was on Jostens information slideshow presentation. The answer was 13 photos.

Brown looks forward to upcoming graduation and events the senior class attends including senior trip. He also shares his plans after high school and why he is not buying Jostens merchandise.

“I can’t wait for graduation, I know that I will miss a lot of people but I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us,” Brown said. “I’m really exited for the senior trip this year. Senior retreats went amazing this year so I’m so happy to see what the trip hold for our class. Next year, I plan on going to Clovis Community College. After that, I plan on attending Fresno state to pursue a career in Criminal Justice. I am not planning on purchasing any Jostens attire because I’m planning on winning a valleys ring this year so I would rather have that.”

The company specializes towards graduation attire and invitations, jewelry and yearbooks. They have been in business since 1897 and works with elementary, junior high, high schools and colleges to manufacture memorabilia unique to the school’s style and theme.

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