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Lindsay Weimer | The Feather Online

Kaylie Clem, ’19, leads ‘There’s No Other Name’ in worship chapel, Oct. 11.

Senior Kaylie Clem leads student body in worship, Oct. 11. As a first-year vocalist on the student-led worship team, Clem is learning new things everyday.

After having gone to Fresno Christian for nine years, she has become deeply involved in school. A few programs Clem is a part of include varsity volleyball, CSF, T.E.A. talks, The Feather and is now part of worship team. She shares the reason behind her decision to join worship and overcoming her fears.

“Singing has always been something I’ve loved for my entire life but singing in front of people is one of my greatest fears,” Clem said. “Worship team means so much to me because only through faith and strength that comes from the Lord, can I face my fears and do what I have been called to do. I hope to grow in my faith by being surrounded by strong believers and constant worship. I also hope to improve my singing skills.”

Come to Thursday’s chapels at 9:35 a.m. to join Clem in worship!

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