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Cal Poly tours provides insight, encourages involvement

California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), located in San Luis Obispo, California, boasts a 31% acceptance rate. However, they offer many opportunities to see the campus, listen to lectures directed towards certain majors and get your name out there. 

Toryn Triplitt | The Feather Online

Three professors speak alongside two students in an animal science lecture during the College of Agriculture’s preview day, Oct. 12.

I have attended a few of these programs they put on because Cal Poly happens is the school I hope to attend after graduation. My grandpa attended Cal Poly and graduated in 1953. My mother was accepted to Cal Poly in 1988 but decided to attend locally based Fresno State. This year I have begun planning out everything that needs to get done before the application process begins for me next year. These plans are all calculated with the scores necessary and things needed to help make look as excellent as a candidate as possible for their admissions board.

In the past four months, I have attended two of their programs. I went on an extensive tour of the campus in August, where we were told the basics of all six of their colleges. Tour groups are divided up into about five smaller groups with a tour guide. Tour guides are current students, or very recently graduated alumni, who give up their time to show off their campus for no pay.

The tour guides are very well educated on the structure and format of Cal Poly and were very helpful in answering any questions. The provided insight into the different types of classes offered, and their opinions on specific teachers and classes within each college. The love they have for their school is very evident and they did an amazing job making me feel welcome.

The most recent program I attended was their College of Agriculture (Ag) Fall Preview Day. As I have decided that I want to study Ag in college, this full day on campus was very beneficial in honing in what I specifically am interested in. The very beginning of the preview day starts with a lecture about all nine significant majors offered in the College of Ag, although there are closer to 16 offered. We were then released to go to lectures that would take you more in-depth to a specific major.

I attended the animal science and Ag education and communication lectures. Both had professors for that specific major that explained what classes are available, what opportunities that major could provide and examples of some of their students who graduated and went on to have jobs of significance in their field. Once again current Cal Poly students were utilized to give a first-hand account of what it is like to be studying for their specific major.

Toryn Triplitt | The Feather Online

The University Union offers many recreational activities for students on campus.

Students were very encouraging and enthusiastic to share their stories and be real with us. They all shared what else they were involved in on campus outside of classes, and encouraged us, that upon acceptance, we get as involved as we can and take it day by day when it gets busy. The preview day ended with a lecture and explanation of housing for those who are Ag majors. They answered questions about housing, campus life and safety. 

Cal Poly gives you the opportunity to select housing with your college. Whether that is the college of Ag, Science and Mathematics, Engineering, etc., you have the option to live in the same building as students who are studying the same thing. The students who shared said that this set up is very beneficial in studying for classes and that often your classes will overlap with another group of people, which leads to the creation of study groups and a very collaborative environment.

Many colleges provide tours of their campuses and preview days, but Cal Poly does a great job putting theirs on. The day runs smoothly and staff and students alike are willing to offer help when it is needed. They provide a very welcoming and lively environment, and I am very much looking forward to my next visit.

April 11-13 is the annual Cal Poly open house where accepted and interested students have the opportunity to come and see what the campus is all about.

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