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Tom Hardy stars in latest superhero film

Tom Hardy stars as Venom in the latest superhero film. Critics have given the movie negative reviews, while fan reviews are generally positive.

The movie Venom is the latest superhero film to hit the big screen. The motion picture is produced by Sony and is not related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Venom features Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), an investigative reporter trying to take down Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), the founder of the Life Foundation. Brock used his fiancé Anne Weying’s (Michelle Williams) personal laptop to gain confidential information about the company. Anne is then fired by Life Foundation for leaking the information and Eddie is fired for trying to get to the real story of Life Foundation.

The movie then jumps six months forward and Brock has hit rock bottom in life. His ex-fiance has a new boyfriend and he is unable to find employment.

While Brock’s life is falling apart, Life Foundation is still trying to save the human race as they believe planet Earth is slowly dying due to overpopulation and climate change. Life Foundation launches several trips to other planets to gather alien samples and try to combine them with humans. By doing this, they hope to be able to send humans to other planets and repopulate there.

One of Drake’s scientists Dr. Dora Skirth (Jenny Slate) first started working for Drake because she wanted to help make the world a better place. She and Drake did cancer research and Skirth was satisfied. Once Drake started testing human subjects and killing them, Skirth no longer wanted to help him. She turns to Brock and pleads for him to come to the Life Foundation lab to expose all of the corruption.

Brock goes to the lab and takes pictures of all the victims that died from the experiment. He sees one of his friends in a container and tries to help her by breaking the glass. Brock’s friend then attacks him and the alien inside her went into Brock without his notice.

Thus, the story line begins as Brock and the alien symbiote inside of him learn to live together.

With a score of 31%, Venom was not highly rated by Rotten Tomatoes. The movie lacked an in-depth plot and at times the audiences did not quite understand what Brock was doing. It also did not feel smooth. At times you bounce between events and the background is never fully developed.

Venom has a basic plot, but the action and comedy combo sets it apart from other superhero movies.

However, the movie makes up the lack of details by adding great action scenes and exceptional humor. Venom also received 88% audience review according to Rotten Tomatoes. Director Ruben Fleischer was able to make Venom, traditionally a darker and evil character, loose and comical. The voices for Eddie Brock and Venom were both done by Tom Hardy which mixed the two together very well.

The movie’s main theme is about perseverance and overcoming difficult events. The movie is rated PG-13 for violence, crude humor and language. Overall, this is a great film to go with your friends as it is comical and filled with great action scenes.

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