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Lindsay Weimer | The Feather Online

The campus high school worship team introduces ‘Let Go’ by Hillsong Young and Free in chapel.

As the school year transitions into full swing, the student run worship team begins to introduce new songs. With each new song, a video is made to give students a deeper understanding of the meaning of the song.

Sophomore, Andrew Moore, shares his perspective on the significance of the song in his personal life and how it applies to high schoolers. The lyrics, saying ‘When I let go, then I found life’, and ‘My heart is only for You Lord”, serve as a reminder to students in their everyday lives in school, with there friends and at home.

As the worship team continues to introduce new songs, more videos will be made. Stay tuned for the next video introducing the next song.

The video below introduces the song, ‘Let Go’, by Hillsong Young and Free to students:

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