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First year senior engages in FC community

Paige Provost | The Feather Online

Anderson poses with her family during volleyball’s senior night, Oct. 18.

With an interest to try new things, senior Annaleise Anderson loves adventure, traveling and trying new sports. Growing up, Anderson participated in multiple sports, ranging from gymnastics, running track and even swimming. Anderson learns to adapt to the ever-changing activities and environments, and jumps in with a teachable spirit.

As Anderson takes on her first year playing varsity volleyball, she enjoys being apart of a team. After hearing that friends from her church enjoyed the sport, she decided to give it a try. She loves the team aspect of volleyball and getting to know the girls on the team. Some of her favorite memories consist of the volleyball team blasting music and having a fun time at practice one day.

Volleyball coach Kit Maddox observes Anderson’s positive attitude and the excellent additions she’s made to the team. Her attitude and drive help the team continue to get better.

“Anna has been a wonderful addition to the team,” Maddox said. “She sticks with volleyball and never gives up. Great, great attitude. The seniors have great work ethic, personalities and they are all great players.”

Anderson’s sister, Brooklyn Anderson, ’22, is also new to FC. She shares what she appreciates most about her sister and why she looks up to her. 

“She is so courageous and is always open to talk to people,” Brooklyn said. “She is constantly smiling and I just look up to her to be that courageous and open person. I’m going to miss the random fun things that we got to do together when she goes off to college.”

Volleyball player Rebekah Micu, ’20, shares her experiences with senior teammate, Anna Anderson

Anderson’s favorite verse, Philippians 4:6-7, encourages her to trust God. Not knowing that her parents chose this verse for her as a baby, Anderson uses the scripture to drive her life. Diagnosed with craniosynostosis at birth, she underwent a corrective surgery at just three months, shaping the courage of her family. Anderson was not born with a soft spot in her head, therefore her head could not grow. The surgery left a scar just above her forehead and a memory to always trust the Lord. The situation gave Anderson a glimpse into the loving atmosphere God blessed her with. 

Although this is Anderson’s first year at Fresno Christian, she involves herself with The Feather and varsity volleyball. After eight years of homeschooling, Anderson began taking classes at Clovis Community College. She shares the differences between homeschooling and FC. 

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Anderson plans to study abroad upon graduation from high school. She hopes to travel to Spain to learn Spanish.

“I think it’s different because I am here so much longer and I’m spending more time with my peers,” Anderson said. “I’m working alongside people a lot more than I was used to as well. I was used to doing things much more independently and on my own. It was fine, but it’s just different and fun. Being able to be more involved in different activities has been really cool, and having the team aspect in volleyball has really helped me grow and develop good friendships.”

Sports hold many memories. Sad, funny, and joyful moments cause Anderson to look back on her sports seasons with fondness. Anderson’s mother, Jennifer Anderson, shares a memory of her daughter playing basketball at a young age.

“Anna’s third grade basketball coach taught the kids about forcing a foul and then offered the girls a dollar to do it in that week’s game,” Jennifer said. “Anna, never one to miss a challenge, was slightly pushed during the game. She recoiled like a Shakespearean actor and hit the deck. The ref called the foul and she proudly took her free throws. At the post game meeting, coach had a dollar ready for her.”

Anderson plans to take a gap year off of school and study abroad. She wants to study intensive language in Spain and is not sure where she will go after that. Her parents pray that she will live in the strength of the Holy Spirit and love others. They look forward to what the future holds for Anderson .

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