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The Caleb Years reveals forgiveness, healing

The Caleb Years: When God Doesn’t Make Sense was written by David Ingerson who shares the story of the incredible journey in his son life. The book reveals early health issues to problems in his son’s early years driven by Caleb’s medical difficulties.

Courtesy David Ingerson

After returning from the hospital, life slowed down briefly for the David Ingerson family, allowing for healing moments.

Caleb Ingerson emerged from the womb kicking. Hindered however, by a few major medical issues, he was immediately placed into medical care. He received assistance breathing and had surgery within his first month in this world.

Within a month of entering the world Caleb had to undergo open heart surgery in order to correct a deformity in his respiratory system and digestive tract.

With a need for blood, Caleb contracted the infamous HIV virus after receiving a tainted blood transfusion. A potential danger to others, Caleb lived with restrictions in his early years. Watching over their son the Ingerson parents made sure that their son did not spread the virus to any other people.

HIV being largely what his parents believed ultimately ended Caleb’s life, the Ingersons were faced with a decision to forgive the HIV positive blood donor or not.

Actions may not be excusable, but they are always forgivable. — David Ingerson

Three and a half years into a life sprinkled with adventure, Caleb Ingerson suffered from a fatal heart attack. Stricken with grief, David Ingerson reread his journals. Impressed by the depth of his journals during the tough times in his son’s life, Ingerson, reread his journals and pored over them reliving the experiences. Also fearing he might forget what his son looked like, Ingerson edited his journal until they were arranged into a publishing  worthy piece.  In the end, the journal entries after a time of editing turned itself into a book.

David Ingerson shares about the making of his book The Caleb Years and what it took to write it.

This incredible story shared perspective from a father in a tragic situation. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I feel that this served as a beautiful way to show myself that I don’t have it rough as it could be. Caleb Ingerson had a tough early three and half years of his life. This showed me how I can view my circumstances in a more positive light and turn my perspective to look at my problems as a time to progress.

From the point of view from his father, he received hard circumstances to handle. David could have have been bitter about the fact that his son died due to contaminated blood from a donor. However, he choose to forgive and settled matters with the wrongdoer.

I believe this shows the power of forgiveness and how we need to forgive others in order to make it right with ourselves no matter how bad the other person wronged us. This goes to show how I can change my view and act more grateful in instances when I am feeling particularly ungrateful or even spoiled to some extent.

One thing that I feel could have been better managed was how the different deformities were explained. I struggled with understanding what the certain medical difficulties were and I feel that by explaining what the difficulties were in easy language would have developed part of the story to a deeper level.

However, this book is for people going through tough times AND for people not currently struggling in hard times. The book reaches all people because everybody struggles in difficult areas of life.

Join the Ingerson family, Oct. 20, from 12 to 3 p.m. in Majesty Bible and Gifts as the author will be providing an opportunity to meet and sign the book along with a slice of birthday cake for the author’s birthday.

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