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Campus JH choir, Cantiamo and Bellezza to perform

Boasting 65 members this year, choral director Susan Ainley anticipates her group’s first fall choral concert, Oct. 22 at 7 p.m. in the Peoples Church auditorium. Ainley works to prepare her ladies ensemble group, Bellezza, high school choir, Cantiamo and her junior high choir group. 

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Director Susan Ainley will lead the high school choir, Cantiamo, as they performs two new songs, “I’m Building Me a Home” and “Adoramus Te”, during the fall concert, Oct. 22, in the Peoples Church auditorium, 7 p.m.

While welcoming new members to the team, Ainley practices and teaches vocal techniques with music. Cantiamo performs two new songs, “I’m Building Me a Home” and “Adoramus Te”.

During rehearsals in the choir room, campus music groups have prepared an array of songs for friends and family members to enjoy. Ainley discusses what the choirs have been working on and her excitement for the concert.

“Everyone should definitely come out and support our fabulous, 65-strong, concert choir and our junior high choir as well as women’s ensemble,” Ainley said. “They have been working hard since August to show off our festival music.

“The choirs have also been working collectively in sectionals to sing all of our pieces that were given high marks by a judge,” Ainley continued. “With this concert, we want to give a fall thank you to the parents a welcome back to school.”

After a one year hiatus, Kayden Marquez, ’20, returns to choir after being in Ainley’s choir both years of junior high and freshman year. Marquez appreciates that everyone has a part in the fall show. She shares why she’s excited to perform in her first concert.

Max Muñoz interviews Susan Ainley about upcoming Fall Concert at the Peoples Church, Oct. 22.

“Choir has been practicing a lot, we had an opportunity to get comfortable and perform at the FPU festival,” Marquez said. “I’m really excited to show my family and friends the songs we’ve been working on especially ‘I’m Building Me a Home’ and I love the way the soloists add to the song.”

The campus choir and ensemble performed at FPU, Oct. 18, followed by a clinic with Dr. Ianthe Marini.

Before the fall choral concert, choir and women’s ensemble had a chance to practice and perform at the Fresno Pacific University Festival that was held at North Fresno Church. At the festival, Cantiamo sang and learned some tips on how to improve from a professional choral clinician, Dr. Ianthe Marini

The campus choral program is in concert, Oct. 22, in the Peoples Church auditorium, 7 p.m.

Director of choral activities at Columbus University, Dr. Ianthe Marini visited the FPU Festival as a clinician. She evaluated the high school choirs and mentioned some areas of improvement. Marini gave a positive assessment of Cantiamo, working on resonance and using their bodies as they sing.

First soprano Mark Pimintel, ’21, enjoyed being able to display the effort put into their songs. He hopes they will continue to connect and practice new techniques.

“My favorite part of the FPU concert was being able to see all the other choirs perform,” Pimintel said. “I think as a group we can continue working on our songs and the intensity of them. Sometimes we are lacking in that area. As a whole I think we are connecting very well and sticking together.”

The next concert on campus will be the annual “Lessons and Carols” Christmas concert held, Dec. 3, in the Peoples Church auditorium, 7 p.m. After the fall performance, music groups will immediately start preparing for the Christmas festivities.

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