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Avery Jones | The Feather Online

Sophomore Hannah Villines competes in the 2018 WSL doubles championship, Oct. 15

Hannah Villines, ‘20, is a second year player for the Fresno Christians girls varsity team. As their season is coming to a close, I got to talk with Villines about her point of view of playing both singles and doubles on the court, what she prefers and what this team has done to get to where they are.

“Doubles one hundred percent,” Villines said. “Sarah Smith is my partner and she is also a sophomore. We just work really well together. With doubles one person gets to play the net and the other person plays back and you switch, but my strong point is playing the net.

You can’t really play the net as much in singles,” Villines continued. “It’s difficult playing back but because Sarah is so good and I’m so good at the net we’ll usually do this thing where we just switch in the middle of the set so I’m just by the net more.”

In the following podcast, Richie Cortez interviews Hannah Villines about her campus sports involvement.

Villines also participates in multiple on school extra curricular activities. Varying from worship team and other varsity sports programs. She explained to me her work ethic for the multiple sports she participates in and how she overcomes trials by putting her faith in God. 

“During the off-season (for tennis) I do play other sports so I can’t focus on tennis at all since I do play basketball,” Villines said. “Each sport is just an experience but if I were to maybe get a scholarship for basketball, I think I would take it, but you never know.”

Alyssa Reese | The Feather Online

Villines leads on the campus worship team twice a month.

Villines is a devoted Christian and uses her faith to strengthen her play as she plays for something bigger than just herself. She shares how scripture helps her. 

“Right now I don’t really have a favorite Bible verse, but I do have a couple favorite chapters and sections of the Bible,”Villines said. “However, I am trying to figure out more or less what my favorite verses are. James is one of my favorite chapters consider it pure joy, and I always look to Matthew. We pray before every match as a team and the break out. I use my faith in God for every sport it’s the main thing that calms me down when I’m frustrated.”

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