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Notan: Art collage project by Jewel Chandler

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Jewel Chandler’s Notan contains a bouquet of flowers, a butterfly, a coffee cup, a stack of books and an apple.

Description: Notan is a Japanese word that means ‘dark-light’; it is defined as the interaction between positive (light) and negative (dark) space. A Notan also shows the balance and the yin/yang symbol is a classic example of this.

The students were asked to use these principles to ‘expand the square’, they were given a 6 x 6 square, the requirements demonstrate an understanding of positive and negative space creative thinking and problem solving.

Jewel Chandler, sophomore

I did my art piece on the different aspects of life and nature. I was also was inspired by my personal interests. My Notan contains a bouquet of flowers, a butterfly, a coffee cup, a stack of books and an apple. This project really inspired me to think outside the box and taught me how to balance properly.

First, I did a bouquet of flowers, to bring my Notan to life. I really wanted to give off a light and joyful feeling to the piece. I added other small details to the flowers in order to add more depth and show them in their true form. I am really happy with how they turned out and hope that they give a visual delight to the viewer.

Next, I created a butterfly. The butterfly symbolizes freedom, tranquility and a stage of transformation. I did a butterfly because I was truly inspired by what they represent. Especially how its transformation can be applied to our lives today. When we allow God into our lives, He transforms us into a new creation and separates us from our old lives just like the butterfly.

Later, I cut out a coffee cup. The coffee cup represents my love of coffee. Whenever I’m feeling tired, it brings me energy and motivation to go about my day. It also brings warmth to the picture which complements its other features.

Finally, I made a stack of books with an apple on top. I really enjoy reading which is why I thought that the books would be a good addition to the Notan. I also cut out an apple to bring in more detail to the picture. I thought it would be a great way to show how unique the Notan.

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