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Yearbook adviser Andrea Donaghe highlights layout editor

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Macy Little, ’20, shows talent in yearbook and proves herself worthy of the student editor position.

Creative talent runs wild in the FCS yearbook room with the team already hard at work producing what they hope to be another great yearbook. Junior Macy Little has proven herself worthy of the layout editor position on yearbook through her creativity and hard work and leads the team in hopes of winning an award.

Yearbook adviser of five years, Andrea Donaghe explains exactly what kind of characteristics create a quality yearbook team member.

“I think you need to be diligent and have respect for one another,” Donaghe said. “Patience is a must especially for the times that you don’t get the perfect shot right away. Being willing to be creative whether it’s artistically, writing wise, or have an eye for what makes a picture nice to look at is necessary.”

Andrea Donaghe highlights a yearbook layout editor who has shown real creative talent with photography and editing layouts.  

“Recently, Macy Little has really stood out to me; she joined yearbook middle of the school year last year,” Donaghe said. “She has learned so much so fast and the few layouts I gave her to begin with wound up being one of several layouts I had in the yearbook last year that were outstanding. I was very proud to be able to submit one of her layouts to competition.”

Annaleise Anderson recently interviewed Macy Little in the following podcast.

Little describes what drew her in to joining the yearbook team last year, why she stayed, and what she most enjoys about her role in designing the yearbook.

“I joined because I wanted to get more involved in the school year, so joining yearbook was the perfect opportunity to get involved,” Little said. “With Mrs. Donaghe leading it seemed like a really fun class. On yearbook team we take pictures of different school events, create the page layouts and in turn develop a yearbook.”

First time yearbook student and returning FCS senior Kayla Fermanian characterizes a few of the ways Little influences the team. She describes how she spreads kindness and provides helpful and appreciated guidance to a newcomer like herself.

“She adds a lot of creativity, love, and excitement to the team,” Fermanian said. “I admire her for her sense of compassion and kindness. She has become one of my closest friends this year. She has shown me how to create yearbook layouts and encouraged me to get involved with school activities as well as gone with me to photograph volleyball games, rallies and all the football games.”

The aspiring photographer, Little, encourages any nervous students considering joining yearbook and shares a couple goals she hopes to achieve this year, such as hoping to nearly double her numbers from last year.

“I encourage students to just go for it because yearbook is such a fun class to be involved in,” Little said. “Last year I created six layouts for the yearbook and this year I hope to have 12 or 13, really as many as possible. I’d also like to take better quality pictures and keep improving.”  

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Little often takes pictures of different school events and creates the page layouts for the yearbook.

Yearbook provides challenges for students and offers insight to photography. Elementary teacher of 12 years and first time yearbook adviser Jaci Siebert shares about the joys and struggles she’s experienced creating a yearbook with a team of elementary students.

There are many joys from yearbook,” Siebert said. “It is like a piece of art that you get to create. The biggest joy I imagine will be seeing the happiness the elementary students feel when they finally see the finished product and know that they took part in making it. I desire to dive in and help, and I truly wish for all decisions and work to be done by the students.”

The Feather would like to thank Andrea Donaghe, Macy Little and the entire yearbook team for their time and dedication to composing the 2018-2019 yearbook and look forward to the May edition.

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