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Senior anticipates Eagles soccer season

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Senior Jacob Scully, right, edits a film in video productions. New to FC, Scully begins his first year of Eagles soccer and discusses his past experiences with the game.

With conditioning beginning and a new head coach for this season, newcomer Jacob Scully, ’19, anticipates this years soccer season. The Eagles are ready to make a statement this year following a disappointing season. With new coaching and a possible a new playing style, the Eagles are ready to shake things up on the pitch. I sat down with Scully and discussed multiple topics about this upcoming season, what he looks forward to and how training has gone so far.

“I’m really looking forward to this season actually,” Scully said. “I’m looking forward to getting out there and kicking the ball around again because it’s been awhile. I’ve just been really anxious about getting out there. I would have to say that early this summer was the last competitive game I’ve played. Every now and then I’ll kick the ball around but it’s been awhile since I’ve played a game. I’m ready to get back out there and play with some teammates again. Nobody really likes conditioning, but you know you have to do it and that it’s for the better.” 

Scully has moved around a lot in his lifetime. He has lived in places like Iowa and even Uganda. Because of this, Scully has experience with different types of styles the game has to offer. Scully shares what sort of player he is, the style he prefers and the differences of playing soccer here in the states versus other countries.

“I prefer to play midfield because that’s where I’ve been playing my whole life so it’s just ingrained in me that’s where I need to be,” Scully said. “I can play anywhere; if I were to pick one I’m more on the attacking side. I really like the possession game, kicking it around with some quick touches. I grew up watching a lot of professional soccer so the way that they play with their possession game is really intriguing to me.

“In Uganda that’s where I got more familiar with style of play for soccer and I got more acquainted with how to play the game correctly from a statistic standpoint,” Scully continued. “Here in the states, coaches and teams look for more athletic players, the more athletic you’re considered here in the states the better you are at a specific sport. With soccer, the whole idea changes in Uganda as you would look for the more skilled players in possession, attack or whatever part of the field you’re in and go based off of strategy rather than how athletic they are.” 

Scully participates other school activities such as the video production class. He is also working on the new emblem for the Fresno Christian boys soccer team for this year’s new jerseys.

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