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Juniors Annabelle Messer and Megan LeBlanc begin the blog series, “Girl Talk” covering issues spotlighting the triumphs and struggles from the female perspective. Check out their season opening first blog, Oct. 5.

Walls go up and barriers surround us as we hesitate to give our trust to others. It seems simple yet obstacles hold us back from previous experiences. As new people enter our lives, our trust in them is sometimes non-existent. Over a period of time, they begin to prove that we can trust that individual entirely and without hesitation.

Kori Friesen | The Feather Online

Blogger Annabelle Messer, ’20.

When trust is expected in a relationship, it can change the whole dynamic for worse or for better. People’s trust evolves and becomes earned after a period of time but can be broken within an instant. As everyone goes throughout their daily lives, they trust in one way or another.

Trust is an aspect that continually occurs, ranging from something microscopic to something huge. Without trust, a relationship can possibly not survive through the rough patches.

A true friendship needs a foundation of trust to be successful. If that trust is broken, the person’s perspective of you quickly changes and becomes different from how they previously saw you. Friends often trust each other with private information and secrets that are very personal to them. By telling you their confidential information, the friend trusts that you will keep it to yourself and that they have someone that listens to what they say.

When friends willingly give this trust to us, we can show our loyalty to them by listening with our full attention, comfort them and help them if they are going through struggles. If you demonstrate that you are trustworthy to your friend, they will feel comforted and know that you respect them. Friendship is a two way street.

Sophomore Natalie Arndt shares where she sees trust in relationships today on top of why it is important to trust in relationships and obtain faith in one another. She explains how trusting in a relationship shows that we can always rely on someone.  

“Trust is seen all over the world today in our community’s and even in relationships.” Arndt said, “Friendships and relationships take deep trust to stay together and be faithful to one another. It’s important to create trust because God created us for relationships. To have trust give us the ability to have people we can always rely on and know they will always be there.”

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Friendships require trust from both people. Kayla Fermanian ’19 and Maicy Little ’20 develop trust through classes such as yearbook.

Trust becomes a crucial factor in marriages, dating and relationships. In these relationships it is important to be open and honest with your feelings. To keep your relationship healthy, it is necessary to not keep secrets or lie.

These actions can prevent regretful decisions and arguments in the future. As you grow closer to your significant other you start to see the trust bloom in your relationship. Trust can take a while to develop, but you know when you have reached that point.

The most important relationship that requires trust is in the Lord. We begin to gain confidence in the Lord and in ourselves as we listen to Him and trust that He planned a path for our lives. We tend to worry about our circumstances in our lives and try to fix or deal with our problems on our own. God calls us to study and meditate on his word.

Once we begin to learn what He wants for our lives and trust in Him we begin to obtain a mindset of casting our worries and struggles upon Him. Even when we go through those difficult times and think we cannot go on, God will give us the strength to trust in him because He has got it all under control.

All though mental trust and physical trust both hold similarities they also can be very different. When we trust physically, we trust chairs to hold us when we sit, our cars to take us to the place we need to go and even in buildings that the foundation is stable.

When we trust mentally we share a strong relationship with someone on top of always knowing they will be there for you. Mental trust consists of opening up and trusting them first. Once you show that you can trust in them, they will begin to trust in you.

Kori Friesen | The Feather Online

Blogger Megan LeBlanc, ’20.


Our relationship with God grows by spending time and meditating in His Word. As His children, we need to trust in His plan for our lives and trust that His presence always surrounds us. If we do not trust in God our relationship with him will be shaky.

Being called to follow Him can be hard but He will give us the strength to do so. We tend to only listen to ourselves and block out what God wants for our lives.

Questions about your trust:

  • Is there a relationship or friendship that you need to repair your trust in?
  • Do you trust God with the same things than you trust your friends with?
  • Why would putting your trust in God benefit you?
  • What do you trust God with fully?
  • What do you not trust God with?
  • What ways could you improve your trust with God?

Verses to encourage your trust in God:

  • Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight”
  • Psalm 56:3, “When I am afraid, I will put my trust in you”
  • Psalm 9:10, “Those who know your name trust in you,  for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.”

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Megan Leblanc also contributed to this article. LeBlanc can be reached via email and Twitter.

Annabelle Messer can be reached via email and Twitter.

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