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Lindsay Weimer | The Feather Online

Feather staffers (left to right) Kyle Clem, ’21, Mackenzie Beckworth, ’21, and Addison Schultz, ’21, read news polls during third period, Nov. 5.

Sophomore Feather staffers (left to right) Kyle ClemMackenzie Beckworth and Addison Schultz, sort and read through polls, Nov. 5. Every poll given to classrooms by The Feather Online is read and used throughout different articles on the website.

Have you ever wondered why The Feather Online conducts polls? Polls help to give an accurate representation of actual data and statistics. The Feather Online uses the answers given to the polls as a source of information for articles.

Sophomore Mackenzie Beckworth shares about the process behind sending out polls and recording the answers submitted to the polls.

“We usually give polls out maybe once or twice a month depending on how many news articles we’re doing or articles that involve a lot of statistics.” Beckworth said. “Every single answer that is written down on the poll is read and recorded. It’s important for you to voice their opinion when writing the polls, but if you’re not sure about the question, you don’t have to answer.”

So, the next time The Feather gives out a poll, fill it out, your voice is important!

Stay tuned for Beckworth’s article, Young People: Fact or Opinion?

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