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COLUMN: Evangelina Tello urges proactive approach to college applications

As Thanksgiving break approaches, it provides a great opportunity for students to take advantage of their free time by dedicating some of it to begin or complete their college applications if they have not already done so.

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Evangelina Tello recommends seniors apply early in the application process to meet all deadlines.

Starting on Nov. 1, the University of California (UC) application opened for students to apply and submit their application to the UC of their choice. Seniors are strongly encouraged not to procrastinate completing their desired applications.

The UC application deadline is Nov. 30, so students should plan for ample time to ensure completion of any and all applications. It is important to note that for students who began any application for a CSU which opened on Oct. 1, the application deadline is also Nov. 30.

Fresno State’s ambassador Janette Oregel shares a few tips to seniors applying to a CSU for the first time.

“Seniors, I cannot express enough the importance of having your counselor or Fresno State ambassador review your application before submitting,” Oregel said. “It is also important to take your time completing the application and not rush through the questions because the information that is submitted will determine whether or not you are conditionally admitted or denied.

“With that being said,” Oregel continued, “the information that is submitted needs to be accurate including your legal name and personal information.”

My advice to you seniors is to finish strong and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Constantly check your email that you put on the application because that is where the University’s you applied for will contact you from. — Janette Oregel, Fresno State ambassador

Oregel stresses the importance of finishing the school year strong and being consistent when it comes to checking email inboxes for any updates from the university.

“My advice to you seniors is to finish strong and don’t be afraid to ask questions,” Oregel continued. “Constantly check your email that you put on the application because that is where the University’s you applied for will contact you from. It is crucial that you are constantly checking your email because they will have a task for you to complete and it is important that you complete them the moment you receive the information.”

UC Merced’s project director, Johnny Mora, listed a few important notes for students to refer to as they begin the application process.

  • Learn about the majors offered and all the types of courses needed to earn the UC degree so you are fully informed about graduation requirements and can plan how long it may take to graduate.
  • If you are certain about the intended major, review the curriculum in the campus’ General Catalog
  • List of majors by disciplines across all nine UC campuses:
  • Some majors are not open to freshmen applicants, or for every term.
  • Gather materials that you’ll need: transcripts/academic records, list of current and planned courses, test scores, awards and honors, volunteer program timelines and hours, employment timeline and hours, etc.
  • Brainstorm: take time to remember all the important things you have done throughout secondary/high school, from club involvement to volunteering, to athletics and leadership.
  • Your short answer responses to the personal insight questions are important.
    • Write responses early and refer to online resources with writing tips and a worksheet (a video is also available) to help you get started.
    • Ask a trusted teacher, counselor, or another adult for feedback on each of your responses.
  • All UC campuses are selective! Apply to different types of campuses throughout the system for your best chance of being admitted and finding a good match. Information on each UC campus can be found at:
  • Campuses use email to communicate with applicants during the application process; students should create an email account (preferably one that identifies them instead of a “cute” or “non-distinct” name) and be sure to check it regularly.
Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Tello advises students and assists them in getting accepted into their college of choice.

UC Application Workshops:

Once college applications have been submitted, students can then work on submitting their FAFSA or make plans to attend a future workshop. Scholarships are another financial option offered to all students. There are new grants and scholarship opportunities being uploaded on websites every month. To check out some scholarships being offered this month click here.

As Fresno Christian’s academic counselor, I strive to make the application process as stress free as possible for the seniors. On Nov. 14, we will be hosting our last CSU application workshop before the deadline. This is the last opportunity for many students to have a CSU representative guide them through the process and review the student’s application with them.

The workshop will be located in Building 5 room 508 during 3rd and 5th period. I highly recommend that any student wanting to submit an application to a CSU attend this event to ensure they’re putting their best application forward.

New campus academic advisor Evangelina Tello continues the occasional column, College Corner, for The Feather Online. She shares college prep advice and offers college counseling in her office. Tello can be reached via email: Her office hours are M/T/Th 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Wed/Fri., 8 -noon. She encourages students to set up appointments during these hours but has an open door policy as well.

I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions and can be contacted via email.

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