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Kyler Garza | The Feather Online

The classic burger came with a side of fries, and onion rings, and ranch for a dipping sauce.

New in north Fresno, BurgerIM provides burger options for their customers needs. The customizable burgers range from bases classic, vegetarian, chicken and turkey. 

BurgerIM’s slogan states, “Over 40 million ways to build your burgers (No, Really)”. The Village at Riverpark location at 228 E River Park Circle seemed like a good spot to get started.

As you walk into the restaurant, the first things you notice is the glowing letters on the side of the bar. While I was there, the restaurant had a decent amount of people, but I went around the end of lunch for most people. The main colors of orange, white, and black were consistent throughout the restaurant, giving off a modern and casual vibe inside the restaurant.  

The options are affordable unless you want to order 16 burgers, which is possible. There are other options of asingle, duo, trio, or family size burgers.

With the latest touch screen drinking fountain, BurgerIM boasts a wide selection of options for their costumers. In the back, you see a window where you can see inside the kitchen, allowing people to watch employees as they work. 

I chose the duo option for $10, which I felt was quite affordable. The meal came with both a chicken and classic burger, with a side of onion rings, fries and ranch.

My least favorite part of the meal was the difficulty of getting the burgers out of the box. The classic burger was a bit over sauced, but beside that, the seasoning went well with the additional pieces that come on the burger. It still contained a unique flavor that I have not tasted before.

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

BurgerIM is a new fast food restaurant located off of freeway 41 in north Fresno by Riverpark shopping center.

My favorite burger was the fried chicken burger. The flavors swirled together to make a perfect burger. The fries were interesting: they looked like potato chips with the perfect portion of salt for optimal taste. The other side was onion rings, which surprised me with a perfect crunch that I find essential for onion rings.

I recommend this restaurant as a casual hang out spot for families and friends. You do not need to wait long for your meal, so it is similar to In-n-Out or Chik-Fil-A in that aspect. The building itself offers a clean and welcoming spot to enjoy a lunch or dinner.

Overall, I think BurgerIM is an excellent representation for a burger restaurant.

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