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The midterm elections just passed and the results that will likely affect students’ futures is already in motion. Almost 17 percent more people voted in Fresno, CA, this year compared to 2014. The three propositions discussed in the article below are the most likely to affect high school students.

Proposition 7

Blake Deffenbacher | The Feather Online

Morgan Parker interviews former executive of The Fresno Bee, Jim Boren, Nov. 13. Boren shares his views on the midterm election results.

Proposition 7 passed, resulting in the daylight saving time act to be repealed. It allows for the legislature to change the time of daylight savings and gives them the power to keep daylight savings permanent year round.

Pros of passing this: Hawaii and Arizona will be on the same time schedule as California, the winter will be the same as the summer, and it will be lighter later in the evening. 

Cons of passing this: people will not receive an extra hour of sleep involved with the clock change, the mornings will be darker in savings time, and people going to church or a run will not have much light in the early hours.

Jim Boren, executive director of the Fresno State Institute for Media and Public Trust, former executive editor of The Fresno Bee, and longtime political journalist, shares his reasoning on why this proposition is positive either way, Nov. 13. Daylight savings is as issue he believes is not critical for daily life.

“There are a lot of odd propositions on the ballot,” Boren said. “I think this is one of them. I could take it or leave it. I don’t have a problem with either way it goes. I would want to know how it might impact productivity, jobs and education.”

Proposition 6

Proposition 6, an idea to get rid of the road repair and accountability act, did not pass. This results in the taxes on gas to be taken off of the bill.

The students strongly affected by this are ages 16 years and older because they are the only ones who drive. Working teenagers use their own money to pay as others use money from parents or allowance. According to, California already has the second most expensive gas prices in the nation.

It is important for students to vote when they come of age. Their voice should be heard and so they can make a change. I believe this proposition should be passed because the gas prices are out of control for my liking, and road repair hasn’t been tended to that much lately. — Senior Ronnie Peterson

Pros of passing it: Taking off taxes will bring the gas price down, making it more affordable. This allows students to use the extra money for other things such as paying off their cars or saving for college. 

Cons of passing it: The extra taxes put towards road repair and traffic safety will not be used. According to, more than 1,300 bridges are structurally deficient and almost half are beginning to add weight restrictions for vehicles passing through.

Ronnie Peterson, ‘19, shares his thoughts on voting for this specific proposition. He thinks it is important for students to follow the election.

“It is important for students to vote when they come of age,” Peterson said. “Their voice should be heard and so they can make a change. I believe this proposition should be passed because the gas prices are out of control for my liking, and road repair hasn’t been tended to that much lately.”

Measure P

With the north-south divide situation in the city, Measure P, which did not pass, adds three-eighths of a cent on sales tax to improve park quality in Fresno. Parks that would be affected by this measure are on the south side of Fresno.

Boren talks about his feelings on Measure P and what an option could be in the future. He was surprised when he saw that Measure P did not have the majority vote.

“We need more parks and need to improve on the quality of life for our young people and for everybody to enjoy,” Boren continued. “I think what we need to do is to get together with the police, fire and parks, and have a measure that would fund all three of those. We need a measure with those so that there would not be an opposition. Being as hard as it is to get a two thirds vote anyways.”

Blake Deffenbacher | The Feather Online

Now the executive director of the Fresno State Institute for Media and Public Trust, Boren believes both sides of Measure P should get together again to unify and rewrite the Measure.

John Ostlund, owner of One Putt Broadcasting and KJewl FM radio, thinks The Fresno Bee held everyone and everything responsible, except the actual measure. He would like the newspaper to take the lead and bring divided sides together in a revised effort to pass a parks initiative.

The pros of passing it: Children all over need a clean and safe environment and passing Measure P would provide the money needed to improve local parks. 

The cons of passing it: Though passing Measure P improves parks, the government could invest in school grounds to better develop those for community use including pools and playgrounds; schools appear in every neighborhood as well. 

Sophomore Hannah VanNoy shares her views on this measure and why she thinks it should not be passed.

“I don’t think it should be passed because we do not need to pay anymore taxes,” Van Noy said. “The parks do not need more money; we already have people who manage parks and we don’t need to give more money towards it. If people really want them to be better, they would donate and the government wouldn’t have to be involved.”

Fresno parks score actually dropped in the rankings of cities across the United States, according NPR for Central California in a May 2018 article. They rank 94 out of 100, nearly at the bottom of the rankings.


Students should become involved with these elections. Paying attention to voting helps teens see their future and gain information to conduct their own views. Propositions are confusing to begin with, including refined language, manipulating words to mean differently, and how worked over they become. These examples make it essential for people to investigate and learn before voting. When voting for these propositions, make sure to agree with all the points because there is no way to debate the finer details of a proposition.

Morgan Parker interviews Jim Boren on the reason why students should follow politics and elections, Nov. 13.

Boren explains his take on why students should be involved with the midterm elections. He believes that this is one of the most important elections in his generation and the younger generations.

“You need to follow this election closely because it has really changed the dynamic of politics in America,” Boren said. “If you don’t vote, you’re not going to have a say. Young people who don’t vote are giving power to my generation to have a say in things they might not like.”

Regardless of one’s position on these subjects, it is important to remember that we live in a society where we gain the opportunity to vote and voice our opinions on issues around us. The democracy in America allows for view points to be heard and topics to be voted on.

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