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Senior “lifer” finishes out soccer career

Alexander Rurik | The Feather Online

Rurik passes a ball during his junior year. He began soccer his kindergarten year and continues through senior year.

With the winter season approaching, senior Alexander Rurik gears up for soccer one last time. Entering his final season, Rurik hopes to win league and go far in playoffs.

Rurik is one of the lifers at Fresno Christian, meaning he has attended since kindergarten and now is in his senior year.

“I love the community aspect of Fresno Christian,” Rurik said. “It really is like a big dysfunctional, but loving family. I love being able to interact with my friends every day and have personal relationships with my teachers. The small size allows for so many opportunities.”

One of Rurik’s favorite hobbies is soccer and began at five years old. Since kindergarten, he has not missed a season and competed in club soccer as well. 

“I started soccer in kindergarten and haven’t stopped since,” Rurik continued. “I played club soccer for California Odyssey for about 5 years on a nationally ranked team. Soccer is something I’ve always played and understood. My favorite memory was either the first game of freshman year when Brandon (Brogan, ’19,) scored and we destroyed Sierra or when we beat Fowler at home sophomore year. My goals for this year are to win the new league and take a run at valleys.”

Coach Matt Markarian coached Rurik’s freshman and sophomore years, as well as throughout junior high. He appreciates what Rurik can do on the field both as an athlete and a Christian.

“Alex is a great leader, his great attitude is contagious and the other players feed off of him,” Markarian said. “He is always looking for ways to improve himself and others around him. Alex is special in the way that he is a strong young man of Christ, yet he is able to compete at a very high level. I appreciate that Alex is able to kick someone’s butt on the field yet be a great example of Christ both on and off the field.”

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Rurik poses with Feather advisors Greg Stobbe and Kori Friesen as the publication wins a Gold Crown in New York. He also serves as ASB President, sings choir and participates in several campus clubs.

Markarian’s favorite part of coaching Rurik was his willingness to work and always trying to get better

“My favorite part about coaching Alex is his attitude,” Markarian continued. “He showed up every day ready to be better and learn. He was not afraid to question anything we were doing, yet in a positive and respectful way. I know God has big plans for Alex and I am excited to see what this season brings for him.”

Julie Rurik, Alexanders mother, has helped him along his soccer journey since the beginning.

“Alex started soccer when he was in kindergarten,” Julie Rurik said. “He wanted to play on the FC team but I told him no, not this year, you can play in first grade. Then Alex said, ‘well I’m really good at soccer and that team needs me so I should play,’ So I let him play and he’s never missed a season. My favorite part is when he scores, megs someone or has a perfect slide tackle.”

Another sport Rurik enjoys is tennis. He has earned multiple awards in the sport, winning the West Sequoia League individual doubles tournament and first league all team twice. Rurik also earned two All-League honors in soccer.

One of his teammates Reese Brown, ‘19, competes in both soccer and tennis with Rurik. Brown appreciates his leadership skills.

“Whatever team Alex joins he becomes a leader,” Brown said. “In every sport, he always makes an impact and it very loving forwards the younger classes. Alex is different because he truly cares about the team, and he is always there to help.”

Teammate of Rurik, Jacob Hyatt, ’21, has played soccer with him for two seasons. Hyatt enjoys being Rurik’s defense partner as center back.

“I love having Alex playing center back with me,” Hyatt said. “Me being a sophomore it’s good to have that senior you can rely on for guidance and help. It’s been an honor playing with him these past two years and I can’t wait to see what the season holds for us.”

Besides playing sports, Alex Rurik is ASB President and been a part of the award-winning online newspaper, The Feather Online, for six years, the last two as Editor-in-Chief.

Alexander Rurik | The Feather Online

Rurik in his eighth grade year during a match for local club team, California Odyssey.

One of Alex Rurik’s editors, Kamryn Schultz, ‘19, has enjoyed working with him for the past couple of years. Schultz loves what Alex brings to the team with his senses of humor and work ethic.

“I like working alongside Alex,” Schultz said. “We’ve been in journalism together for all four years of high school and I’ve enjoyed going to events and writing articles with him. I appreciate his willingness to help out others when they need it, and his fun personality. He brings a lot of fun into The Feather but he’s also really responsible when it comes to getting articles published.”

Alex Rurik wishes to major in biology, but has not decided where to attend.

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