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8th annual school-wide drive collection through Dec. 7

With the season of giving just around the corner, FC leadership leads the student body in collecting canned food for the 8th annual Together we CAN food drive through Dec. 7. The cans donated go to the Pinedale community, providing families with the means to make Christmas dinner.

Danielle Foster | The Feather Online

FC leadership leads the student body in collecting canned food for the 8th annual Together we CAN food drive through Dec. 7. The food drive will benefit Pinedale Community Fellowship.

The canned food drive succeeded the Red Bucket program, which provided meals for non-profit groups in Fresno like Fresno Rescue Mission and World ImpactRobert Foshee, history and leadership teacher on campus, partnered with Pinedale community to help with the less fortunate, starting the canned food drive in 2010.

“We do this every year because It’s a great way to partner with a local church to serve and minister to families in our community,” Foshee said. “The food is going to Pinedale Community Fellowship with Pastor Richard Amparano.  The church is in Pinedale and serves the people who live in the Pinedale neighborhood. Our school goal is to provide as much food as possible for the families in Pinedale.”

There will be a prize awarded to the elementary classes that bring the most items (one prize for grades TK-3, and one prize for grades 4-6). There will also be rewards for junior high and high school classes that bring in the most cans. 

Pastor Amarano of Pinedale Church is grateful for the donations from Fresno Christian School.

“My best estimate is that we have been receiving can food items from Fresno Christian for around 7 years here in the Pinedale community,” Amarano said. “My wife Linda and I have worked with Fresno Christian on other projects in the past such as community clean-ups, helping at Pinedale elementary with walking buddies, prayer walks etc. Our relationship goes back to the time Pa Pa was there. During the Christmas season, many families here are faced with the choice of putting food on the table or buying their children Christmas presents and the responsible choice is providing meals. So without some sort of help, families face tough decisions. We are very grateful for all Fresno Christian has done and is doing.”

Pinedale resource leaders have submitted a list of items that the Pinedale community needs most. Items are listed below and Fresno Christian students are encouraged to pick items from the list to donate:

Boxed items

  • Bisquick (box)
  • Cookies (box)
  • Stuffing Mix (box)
  • Hot Chocolate (Box)
  • Mashed Potatoes (Box)

Bagged items

  • Rice (bag)
  • Dry Beans (bags)


  • Jelly (plastic)
  • Juice (plastic)
  • Peanut Butter (plastic)


  • Milk (canned)
  • Pineapple (canned)
  • Gravy (can)
  • Tomato Sauce (canned)
  • Chicken Broth (canned)
  • Tuna (canned)
  • Veggies (canned)

Toryn Triplitt, ‘20, has a personal connection to the fundraiser as she knows the church and the neighborhood of Pinedale.

“I don’t remember how many cans I brought last year,” Triplitt said. “I don’t think it was that many, but this year I am bringing a lot. I like supporting this event because it is local and I know exactly what church these cans are going to and the neighborhood we are serving. I think everyone should bring cans because it’s for a good cause, and it’s an easy way to help those who need it this holiday season.”

Feather videographer Blake Deffenbacher produced a short promotional Together we CAN video below.

Another student who participated last year was Landon Bell, ‘21. Bell understands the importance of bringing cans and the impact the donations have on lives all over Fresno.

“Last year I brought four cans, they were canned peaches,” Bell said. “This year I’m planning on bringing more, maybe like 10 that would be a good goal. I like supporting this event because it helps out those that could be financially struggling, and there is a satisfaction in bringing those cans. These cans don’t seem like much but they really help out other families.”

Feather file photo

For those able to donate towards the Together we CAN food drive, please refer to the list provided by the Pinedale community leaders.

Sophia Kalugin, ‘19, did not participate last year but wants to help this year. She hopes this will unite the school and encourage the student body to consider donating to their community.

“I did not end up bringing any cans last year but I hope to bring at least 20 cans this year,” Kalugin said. “The canned food drive is a good way to rally the school together and it’s a fun way to kick off the Christmas season by serving others.”

If you are interested in making a financial donation, please send cash/check to the high school office and designate “Food – Pinedale.”

If you have any questions, contact Robert Foshee at or talk to your homeroom teacher.

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