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Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Perhaps the most iconic Christmas tradition is the tree. For centuries, people have put up a pine tree and decorated it for Santa to put the gifts under.

Holidays are celebrated in many different ways; some go out of town to see family, others go out of town to get away from family, while many have a special family recipe, and still others have a favorite place to go out to eat.

Christmas time can be a stressful time for some people, but for many people Christmas is about family time and a lot of it. So as the Christmas season rolls in, students prepare for all the traditions that come with the holiday season.

“Every Christmas morning my mother makes pecan caramel nut braid for breakfast,” Landon Goldsborough, ’19, said. “One year, she decided to make it and has been making it ever since; that’s definitely one of my favorite traditions.”

For some families, traditions are passed down for generations, and for others traditions are created each year. What is a traditions does your family have each year? Do you have new traditions each year, or do you pass traditions down?

There may be some Feather readers who are looking to start or renew Christmas traditions. Or others may need a reminder that Fresno County has a lot of Christmas-themed events. Either way, read Christmas season activities, Dec. 1-25 for ideas. Plus, if you have an event or program The Feather should add, please add it in the comments below or email us:

To see what traditions some of the students at FCS excited about, check out the the video below. For more videos click the links below. Please share your family traditions in the comment section below.

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