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With the semester nearing the end, drama director Kyle Dodson plans to take three students to Fresno State Theatre Arts Open House to learn more about the art of theatre. Ezekiel Fuller, ’20, Tatiana Iest, ’19, and Claire Palsgaard, ’20, will travel with Dodson, Dec. 6.

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Campus drama teacher Kyle Dodson instructs his students during class.

The event is hosted by Fresno State University’s Department of Theatre Arts. This event offers college-bound high school students the opportunity to meet the faculty and to discover more about their programs.

The day includes Scholarship auditions and interviews, workshops, tours of the facility and a pizza party. The last event of the day is a final dress rehearsal of Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley directed by Professor Brad Myers.

One of the students attending, Claire Palsgarrd, ‘20, looks forward to learning from people in higher levels of theatre

“I am looking forward to learning some drama techniques from students who are more advanced than me,” Palsgaard said. “This is my first year in drama so I have a lot to learn and I think this trip will be very beneficial. I am excited to see how a college drama class operates. I’m a dancer so it will be profitable for me to see how the dance program runs at Fresno State, and how the drama program and the dance program correlate. Overall I think this trip is an opportunity for my peers and me to grow, and get an idea of what drama is like at the college level.”

Ezekiel Fuller, ‘20, has participated in drama for many years and looks forward to learning new aspects of it.

“This is my 6th year of drama,” Fuller said. “I am not exactly sure what to expect from this event, but I’m excited to learn from people that have years of experience. I hope to learn tips and notes I can use to help me be a better performer on stage.

For more information visit Fresno State’s website Fresno State Theatre Arts Open House.

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