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Senior captain proves leadership

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Macie Thompson ’18 about to take a shot during a varsity girls basketball game.

From singing onstage with the worship team to competing in basketball on the court, you can find senior Macie Thompson in many different settings. Thompson is a lifer at FC and continues to stay involved with worship team, T.E.A. Talks, athletics and ensemble, on top of participating in the campus mentoring program, Sister to Sister.

Starting at a young age, Thompson began her athletic journey and played soccer for FC in third grade. As she began to figure out what sport interested her, she tried volleyball, basketball and cheer in her elementary years. Though basketball is now her main sport, Thompson also partakes in softball.

The upbeat and adrenaline rush thrills Thompson and tests her athletic ability. Her favorite part of basketball is when she gets a steal and finishes with a lay-up, or when she blocks a shot or a pass. 

This season, Thompson is a captain along with Hannah Villines, Alina Davila, and Ashley Zamarripa. The team ranked each other out of 12 characteristics and whoever was ranked the highest was chosen as a captain. It was a nomination from the team.

In the following podcast, Annabelle Messer talks to head coach Robert Foshee about Macie Thompson.

As Thompson continues her senior year towards graduation, her Grandma, Margaret (Peggy) Thompson, shares her excitement for Macie to graduate. She also says she is sad to see her high school career come to an end and will miss participating in all of her activities.

Courtesy of the Thompson family

Former FC student Kaylee Ferguson, left, and Macie Thompson head off to a basketball game in fifth grade.

“Another granddaughter graduating is sad for me because it’s fun to participate in their activities,” Peggy said. “It is exciting to watch each one move ahead in college seeking out what they want to do as a career and what gifts and talents they use to serve the Lord in the days ahead.”

Macie began basketball by practicing daily at home. She practiced her lay-ups and would build up to her shots. In her free time, Thompson loves to relax while watching her favorite shows on Netflix, as well as workout and lead people musically or in prayer.

Macie’s little sister Ainsley Thompson, ’22, looks up to her greatly. She shares what she loves about her older sister.

“I love her beautiful singing voice and how many complements I get from her around the school,” Ainsley said. “I also love how confident she is. I’m going to miss Macie at school because I like to talk to her throughout the day and catch up with her and maybe tell her something that is going on that I need help with.

“I played basketball because I wanted to play with her during her last year,” Ainsley continued. “I wanted to do as much as I can with her and I’m going to miss her. My favorite memory with Macie is when we went on the choir trip to Disneyland and just the two of us hung out together and I thought that was pretty cool.”

Courtesy of the Thompson family

Macie Thompson, ’18, shoots the ball during a soccer game running in third grade.

After graduation, Macie plans to attend Clovis Community College and then transfer to Fresno State when she finishes there. She does not plan to play basketball in college but says she will miss the friendships and relationships she makes during the season most.

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