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Students share opinion on holiday

As bells jingle, trees are put up, and lights shine, high schoolers give subtle or very obvious hints as to what they want for Christmas. For some parents they are left in the dark, with not knowing what they might want.

Out of the 206 students at FCS 164 responded, scroll down to find out what the top things they  want for Christmas this year.

Lindsay Weimer | The Feather Online

Students partake in Christmas parties and festivities, Dec. 7.

The origin of Christmas began with Jesus‘s birth, as a symbol for all Christians that God gave up his son to save us. He gave a gift to us, as the wise men gave gifts to Jesus. In remembrance of what a God has done we give gifts to others.

Gift giving is said to come from the three wise men in the story of Jesus’s birth. There’s more evidence of gift giving back even before Jesus was born. People in Europe and the Middle East gave presents at winter festivities. The events began on Dec. 17, and during this time they would drink and give gifts such as pottery figures.

High school students were asked in the hallways what their favorite holiday moments or gifts were in Christmas pasts. The following are their responses. However, The Feather would love to hear your favorite Christmas moments and/or gifts. Please share in the comment section below the article.

Spending time with family
Mason Beal, ‘22
December 3, 2018

“My favorite part about Christmas is going to the mountains. I really enjoy spending my time with my family, and having a break from school. Just getting a deeper bond with them this type of the season is special.”

Day full of family fun
Andrew Moore, ’21
December 3, 2018

“The best part about Christmas is spending time with family and friends. I like seeing everyone that comes to visit during the holidays at church, and also all my family. We wake up later in the day, and we would have all of our presents and we eat chorizo and egg burritos, and the youngest person in the family would put the angel on top of the tree.”

The true meaning of Christmas
Ryan Brazil, ’20
December 3, 2018

“My favorite thing about Christmas is that we get to celebrate Jesus birth. We get reminded of what he’s done for us, and how much he sacrificed. It’s always refreshing and encouraging with that in our minds this part of the year.”

Making memories
Madison Bryant, ’22
December 3, 2018

“I like that we get to hang out with family. We get to talk to each other and get the experience of the beauty that God has given to us during Christmas. Christmas Eve we go to our grandparent’s house and open our gifts there. Christmas morning our other grandparents come over and we open even more presents, and eat breakfast.”

Decorating the tree
Addison Richardson, ’21
December 3, 2018

“My favorite thing about Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree. It’s fun to look at all the different ornaments we’ve gotten throughout the years and how they all have their own memory attached. It’s like looking through a photo album or something with sentimental value. Our main family tradition is Christmas dinner. We have dinner with a lot of family. Afterwards we have a gingerbread making contest, the winner gets to pick a movie we’ll go and see later that week together.”

Reconnecting with God
Marin Sue, ’20
December 3, 2018

“I find Christmas is a special time to reconnect with family, friends, and God. I like being able to take a break from school, and be able to take some time for myself instead of working all the time. We usually relax at home and take our time opening presents. We have a nice Christmas breakfast and it’s always fun to spend time with your family.”

Opening the gifts
Scott Falk, Bible teacher
December 3, 2018

“We open stockings in the morning before we open all the presents, that’s always cool. We always have breakfast, everybody has a warm mug of hot chocolate, coffee, or tea, and we sit around in our PJ’s and opening the stockings. We take awhile there and have a lot of fun with it. Then after that we open the gifts.”

Below is an illustration outlining girls’ choices, boys’ choices and top seven gifts for 2018 that students from FCS would like to receive. Out of 206 high school students, 164 responded to a Feather poll asking for their Top 3 Christmas gifts for 2018.

Girls Wish List

Combined Top 7 Wish List

Share in the comments below what your favorite part about Christmas is and what gifts you would like to receive. For more articles relating to Christmas, read White Elephant tradition engages Christmas gatherings and Christmas season activities, Dec. 1-25.

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