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Senior plays variety of positions for campus basketball team

As the 2018 FC basketball season begins, so does the final year of basketball for many seniors. One of these seniors, Landon Goldsborough, has played basketball ever since he was in the 4th grade. At this age, Goldsborough participated in an annual summer basketball camp.

Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Senior Landon Goldsborough keeps the ball in bounds during a game against Parlier.

Goldsborough plays many positions in basketball and explains what some of them are and how he plays an important part on the team.

“For the most part I play power forward, center and sometimes shooting forward,” Goldsborough said. “Those are the positions primarily but they are very interchangeable. My main purpose for the center generally is just under the rim, short corner stepping up when the defense when one of our guys is driving to the hoop to get an easy basket right under the rim and lots of posting up under there.”

Nowadays, Goldsborough enjoys watching the game of Golden State Warriors player Klay Thompson through his smoothness and creativity. Thompson plays shooting guard, which inspires Goldsborough to play better and improve his game. Goldsborough likes to watch the Golden State Warriors because of their unique playing style.

Goldsborough’s family has been very supportive of his basketball career. He gives his dad credit for being his biggest supporter and now Goldsborough gets to play this season alongside his younger brother Riley Goldsborough, ‘21.

Standing at 6’4”, Goldsborough possesses the physical traits needed for basketball in order to excel. This allows him to play both the center and power forward position. Even though Goldsborough avoided club basketball when he was younger, he believes it would have been worth his time.

In the following podcast, Kyle Clem talks with Landon Goldsborough about his basketball career.

During his time on the Fresno Christian varsity team, Goldsborough has been able to form a relationship with head coach Jon Penberthy. Goldsborough appreciates how Penberthy treats the players and how easy he makes it to learn new skills.

His favorite memory from his years on the team was when fellow senior Suky Cheema scored a game tying shot against Minarets to send the game into overtime. During the extra period, the team managed to win the game.

After spending last school year at University High School, Riley Goldsborough can’t wait to watch his older brother play this year. His favorite part of his brothers game is the ability to make threes and draw fouls. Riley will miss his brother most during lunch because he won’t get to hang out with him.

“It’s pretty cool to see Landon out there driving to the rim and shooting threes,” Riley said. “He’s always been a hustler, and he’s always been good at drawing fouls and getting to the free throw line. I hope to one day match his court aggression. Next year, I’m going to miss hanging out with him. He’s really fun to be around.”

Landon explains the boys basketball team’s dynamic on the court. He shares the different ways the team practices and plays.

Feather Staff | The Feather Online

In addition to basketball, Goldsborough also sings on the Fresno Christian worship team.

“We run different sets of plays depending on the defense the other team is set up in,” Goldsborough said. “So if they’re running a zone offense where all the players stay in their own respective spot they’d chase other players, we’d run a few sets of zone but they change depending on where the defensive is on the given moment but there is multiple ways we can run it. Same thing goes for man to man there is just a few different options depending on what’s open it’s not always exactly the same.”

Goldsborough doesn’t only play basketball. During his junior year, he also began singing for the Fresno Christian worship team. After a successful first year, Goldsborough decided to participate in worship his senior year.

The boys basketball league season officially begins on Jan. 8, when they play against Alpaugh High School.

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