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Coaches see improvements, growth in players

As the season of sliding in mud, scoring goals, and teamwork comes to an end, the junior high girls reflect on a successful soccer year. The girls faced Wawona Middle School during the Fresno Unified, Division three semi-finals, Monday, Dec. 10. Fresno Christian took the opposing team by surprise by scoring first on the field. Coaches saw the team played to win and left everything on the field.

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

The junior high girls soccer team finishes the season after being named third seed in division three.

Coaches Diane Blowers, Richard Cortez and Erin Obwald have seen an improvement in the players and are proud of the team they have become. The team has won four out of the seven games played. After scoring two goals, Monday’s game ended 4-2 with Wawona coming out on top.

Eighth grader Kirra Obwald enjoyed the motivation that she received through making goals and teammate’s encouragement. She would love to play again next season and shares her memories.

“I enjoyed bonding with all the girls on my team,” Obwald said. “Since there were few goals last year, the many wins this season encouraged the girls. The most exciting moment was our first goal of the season and kept us wanting more. Soccer teaches you to keep your hustle up and that you can’t stop throughout the whole game or else the other team wins and they win your mind as well.”

Diane Blowers, teacher and coach for FC junior high soccer, is satisfied with the team and how they have played. She shares the most exciting moment of this year.

“The best game was when we beat Awani 1-0 since they are the number one seed,” Blowers said. “No one thought we would win and we came out on top. It was a great win for us. Last year we didn’t win a game and only scored one goal so the game on Monday was an extra perk for us.”

In the following podcast, Morgan Parker interviews Kirra Obwald about her soccer experiences in junior high.

Whether right back, goalkeeper, or defensive midfielder, FCJH girls rose to the challenge and won four out of seven games coming back from a defeating season in 2017. The team worked together to achieve a higher standard for FC soccer than years before.

Trinity Cox, ‘23, met new girls this year and felt a rush from tied games while working to make a goal. Position of goalie, Cox faced challenges that she worked to overcome.

“I enjoyed meeting all of the new seventh graders this season,” Cox said. “I loved playing with all of them since they were really nice. The most exciting games were when we would be tied and made a goal to win the close game. I learned how to block goals that come over your head even though it’s hard. I also learned to be aware and on your toes during games. I will play again because it is one of my favorite sports.”

Although junior high soccer season has ended, students are now able to try out for spring sports, such as softball and track and field. For more information on junior high sports, contact Athletics Director Jonathan Penberthy and Darbee Whipple by email.

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