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NSPA, CSPA conventions offer learning opportunities

FC progresses into the second semester of the 2018-19 school year. Students of the journalism program continue to compete in competitions and review judges critiques.

The Feather prepares for the annual Columbia Scholastic Press Association and National Scholastic Press Association’s conventions that take place March 20-22 and April 25-28, respectively. CSPA judges nominated The Feather Online for a Digital Crown award. The staff waits to hear from the NSPA association on a potential Online Pacemaker nomination.  

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Editor Alex Rurik, ’19, (center) poses with Feather advisers Greg Stobbe (left) and Kori Friesen as the publication wins a Digital Gold News Crown in New York, March 16, 2018.

The conventions provide opportunities for Feather staffers to meet, teach and learn from fellow peers, media professionals and scholastic/collegiate advisers. Staffers attend different sessions during the convention on a variety of topics, from writing impactful staff editorials to effective communication video production and photography.

Photo editor, Kaylie Clem, ‘19, shares what she learned from CSPA sessions.

“After attending CSPA classes over the last two years, one of the most impactful classes to me was one based around Kori Friesen’s session title ‘Image as the Hook’,” Clem said. “I thought the different examples the lecturer presented were really interesting and great inspiration. She showed the audience different ways to put a spin on words to make the reader intrigued.”

The Feather is not traveling as a staff to the CSPA convention for the first time in 21 years. However, staffers will attend the NSPA convention in Anaheim, CA, April 23-27. Journalists will attend different sessions, and senior staffers will teach sessions. While there, the staff aims to visit the ABC7 studio and tour the Warner Bros. Studios. In April 2016, The Feather staff visited ABC7, touring the facilities and chatting with studio operations manager Mike Merle and broadcast host Carlos Granda.

Later that same trip to Los Angeles, staffers interviewed various people in Hollywood as part of their NSPA LA experience. Watch the video they created on Day 1 of the trip.

First year journalist, Mackenzie Beckworth, ‘21, anticipates the upcoming NSPA convention.

“I’m super excited about the NSPA convention and one of my expectations for it is to meet more young journalists like me who struggle through similar things like I do,” Beckworth said. “I can not wait to see other journalists ideas and compare them with my own. I’m looking forward to learning about how to draw the reader more into what I’m writing and especially adding in more detail as well.”

Looking ahead, The Feather staff also looks to continue its participation in community events. During Scholastic Journalism Week, the publication focuses on the Journalism Education Association’s (JEA) theme “Dedicated to Our Communities”, Feb. 17-23.

Journalists will also travel with the campus student body to volunteer at several locations throughout the city on FC Serve Day, Feb. 26. Kids Day offers staffers an opportunity to serve the community, March 5, through selling newspapers for Valley Children’s Healthcare.

The editors and staff also would appreciate student article suggestions for upcoming articles on everything from student profiles, guest photos, event coverage, video ideas, issue or opinions proposal ideas. This is the student newspaper of Fresno Christian High School and comments, letters to the editor and guest columns are also needed to help provide a more round example of the students’ heartbeat.

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