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Popular artists recreate film’s soundtrack

When The Greatest Showman released in Dec. 2017, it was vaulted wildly into success thanks to its beloved soundtrack. The original motion picture soundtrack received numerous prestigious awards, with This Is Me proving the stand out song.

Now these songs have been “re-imagined” by all your favorite popular artists such as Panic! At The Disco, P!NK, Kelly Clarkson, Ty Dolla $ign and many more.


Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco offers his twist on the first track of the album.

The album starts with a bang, featuring Panic! At The Disco’s rendition of The Greatest Show. Brendon Urie was the perfect choice to sing this song, his soaring vocals do the song justice. The production is changed to his band’s style, and it still works well.

A Million Dreams is sang by P!NK, and she does a great job. My favorite part is at the 3:38 mark when the song drops down, and then she lifts it up with a massive high note. The song is followed by a reprise sung by her daughter, which is very precious.

Come Alive takes a whole new vibe, with a more groovy bass line that greatly improves the song. Years & Years and Jess Glynne made a great team in improving this song that I did not previously care for.

I never would have expected to see Ty Dolla $ign on this album, but he did great alongside MAX in their version of The Other Side. This unlikely collaboration was a pleasant surprise.

Never Enough was by far my favorite song on the original soundtrack, and Kelly Clarkson’s version could not live up to it. Her voice was good, but the production on this song was really bad. They attempted to flip this into a pop song, but it did not work. I’ve always wanted to hear Adele sing this song, sadly we might never see that.

This Is Me on this album is called the “Re-imagined Remix”. Missy Elliot delivers a spoken word, encouraging piece at the beginning which is quite corny. It has good intentions, but it fails to settle right. She has another rap later, which is better, but still not great. Kesha and Keala Settle deliver decent vocals, which compensates for Missy Elliot. Luckily, there is a version with just Kesha at the end of the album.

The following tweet announces the release of the album.

James Arthur and Anne-Marie do a good job on Rewrite The Stars, but it does not differ much from the original at all.

My favorite song on the album is From Now On by Zac Brown Band. They do an absolutely phenomenal job on this song. It sounds very genuine and heartfelt. Their country sound fit the song perfectly.

FOX Music

Alternate album art shows track list and silhouette of P.T. Barnum

Acapella powerhouse, Pentatonix, provide their take on The Greatest Show, which appears as a bonus track. If you enjoy  acapella music, this one might be for you. The lead vocals lack, but the supporting harmonies help. This song was meant to be big and larger than life. They were not able to pull it off

Overall this album had a few highs, but failed to prove the greatness of the original score. I do not see myself listening to it on a regular basis.

If you were a fan of the movie, check it out! You might be pleasantly surprised to see one of your favorite songs in the collection sung by an artist you enjoy.

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