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Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Senior economics students draw their zoo with the given land and animals in their rubric on poster paper, Jan. 9.

Economics teacher, Robert Foshee, challenges groups of students to create zoos with limited recources, Jan. 9.

With only 25 acres of land and specific animals with a required amount of acreage, high schoolers work to make a zoo profitable. Some available wildlife was lions with a mandatory two acres, tigers with one acre and turkeys for one-tenth of an acre.

In each group, they design and plan out their business with strategies to make money. Some ways students create income was through food stands, souvenir stores and animal feeding or petting stations.

When they were finished drawing it on a poster, everyone examined each others zoos to see which ones they would be willing to attend in real life.

The project hopes to introduce the new econ class with seniors as they transition from their civics last semester.

Next, econ learn about decision making and later dive into a budget project.

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