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Student leaders serve peers, influence culture

In American government circles, representatives intend to benefit their voters through passing legislation. Student leaders represent their peers in the same sense. Group participation in planning school events and themes prepare all for the responsibilities of future careers.

Student leaders serve their peers through voting on school events, communicating needs to administration and leading by example.

Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

The campus student leadership class plans school functions such as NOTS.

Student leaders act as representatives to administration, voicing the needs of the student body. They know how to respectfully and dynamically present issues and ideas.

Leadership plans school activities, rallies and organizes service projects. They also have the potential of serving students in various other ways.

During homecoming week, leadership students provide guidance and assistance to their class as they compete against other grades.

A healthy relationship between administration and the leadership class promotes a productive and positive school culture.

When students feel comfortable in communicating concerns or needs to their leadership representatives, and those issues are presented to the proper authorities, the student’s voice is heard. Student leadership exists to give a voice to the student’s they serve.

Associated Student Body (ASB) positions serve as opportunities for students to undertake more responsibility and impact the school through the various responsibilities the positions demand. The quality of leaders on the ASB council reflect the overall quality of their leadership class.

Student leaders must listen to the voice of the school in order to do their job effectively. A misrepresented student body leads to a disconnect in the school. An article published by Intercultural Development Research Center, encourages student leaders to share their insight on school events.

In order to be successful representatives of a student body, leadership students must engage with peers and learn more about the individuals they walk the halls with.

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