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Avery Jones | The Feather Online

Junior Ethan Hamm plays ‘Pieces’ by Bethel Music on the drums in FC chapel, Jan. 10

Bringing 11 years of drumming passion to the worship team, Ethan Hamm, ’20, continues to evolve as a member of the FC worship team and shares his talent in chapel, Dec 10.

Hamm not only plays drums, but also is a member of the music tech team. When he was just five years old, his grandparents surprised him with a drum set on his fifth birthday.

His mother, Rachel Hamm expresses how she feels watching her son grow up playing the drums.

“Getting Ethan his first drum set was thrilling to me,” Hamm said. “I’ve always loved music, and I was so excited that Ethan wanted to learn the drums. Seeing him play the drums now is so rewarding to me! Often I cry when he plays because it makes me so proud of him.”

Hamm shares his experience about what it took for him to learn a new instrument.

“I learned from a few teachers,” Hamm said. “I had my first teacher up at Hume lake when I lived there, he was the drummer for a band that lived at Hume. I did We Got the Beat for a little while and I have had a couple since then, but the most learning I’ve done was in the past year by just playing on stage.”

Through the two years on worship team Hamm has enjoyed in seeing people engage in the music he is able to create.

Hamm expresses his favorite moments on the drums while being part of the team.

“My favorite part about playing is that when I play there’s a tension that’s released when I hit the drums as hard as I can,” Hamm said.  “The best part about worship team is just that, being a team and working together to lead people in worship. I would hope it is effective in bringing people closer to each other as well as the Lord.”

Hamm’s favorite songs to play on the drums includes ‘Starlight’ by Bethel Music and ‘Shadow Step’ by Hillsong United.

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