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Brawlers from all over the world gather in the legendary halls of Valhalla for the fight of their lives in Brawlhalla. Brawlhalla provides a Wii-U exclusive Super Smash Bros.-like game for players who own a PS4, Xbox or computer.

There are seven different ways to play Brawlhalla.

  • Brawl of the week
  • Couch party
  • Custom online
  • Online
  • Ranked
  • Tournament
  • Training
Danielle Foster | The Feather Online

This author plays as Yumiko, the kitsune (left), against an online opponent using Ada, the ghost in the machine (right) in an online one versus one battle.

Favorite game mode: Strikeout

Strikeout is a one versus one online match. Each player, before the match starts, chooses three avatars to use. These three avatars are used as the players three lives. When a player is launched off the screen they lose one life and the character they used last. First player to lose all three lives loses the match.

I really enjoy online play, because it allows me to test my skill against other people instead of playing with CPUs who play the same way every game. It also allows for skill growth, because the servers will occasionally pair you with a player with much more skilled than you, you get the opportunity to change the way you play the game.

Each time one player knocks another player off the main stage said player gains two points, while the player knocked off loses one. Another way to lose points is to fall off by accident without a player hitting them, which results in that player losing three points.

Training mode allows players to test themselves with their best characters, play against difficult CPUs and learn new combos for their preferred characters.

The following podcast features Mark Pimentel, ’21, who explains aspects of Brawlhalla and his choice character.

The game as a whole,  showcases amazing design and graphics, which is especially seen in the characters. It feels like a new way to play a free-for-all brawl.

Each character has two specific weapons they can use in battle. Weapons will appear on the battlefield randomly and when a character picks one up it transforms into one of the two weapons specific to that character.

Multiple characters have the same weapons in their arsenal like a sword, spear, lance, etc., but every character uses their weapons differently than all the others. If two characters use the club as one of their weapons their heavy attacks will be specific to that character not the weapon.

Something Brawlhalla could work on is the movements of the fighters. It looks at times like the characters are sliding across the floor or they were to far away to land a hit against an opponent.

Every week eight playable characters randomize to give the user an opportunity to try all of them. Characters can be bought with gold, to permanently use them in battle.

My weapon of choice, with any character, is the lance. The lance has a very large area of damage instead of swords or fists that don’t cover as much space. It also tends to push away other players instead of some of the other weapons that pull the opponent in, then attack.

The character Orion allows for very offensive gameplay. His two weapons are the lance and the spear. The lance pushes opponents away instead of pulling them in and the spear a lot like the lance but the main attack only targets one player.

I would recommend this game for lovers of friendly competition and intense or fast paced gameplay. Although the game is not put together as well, and the graphics are not as realistic as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it is a great alternative for those looking for a similar experience outside of the Nintendo universe.

Overall Brawlhalla is an amazing game for players who like fast paced action and, at times, relying on impulse.

Cohl Obwald can be reached via email or Twitter.

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