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Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

HP Sprocket allows people to print photos from their phone or tablet through bluetooth.

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With around 90 percent of adults owning a cell phone, people substitute phone cameras for point and shoot cameras. Thus photos remain on phones rather than getting developed in print labs.

To change this statistic, new photograph printing machines are reaching the market, including those from HP.

HP Sprocket printer, for $149.99, allows phones to connect through bluetooth to print photos from a mobile device. This portable and “pocket sized” printer, requires an app connecting with photos on the phone to print.

The printer can also embed information into the photo paper such as the date of when the photograph was taken to reveal this information if scanned by the app.

This device, equivalent to the size of a smart phone, prints 2 X 3-inch photos with the back pealing off to make a sticker.

Each pack of film comes with 10 photo prints, approximately $10, and can be bought separately on the HP website, Amazon and other stores.

Other versions of the HP Sprocket plus printer are the Sprocket 2-in-1 for $159.99 and the standard Sprocket now for $99.99.

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