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Peoples Church project aims to expand campus

The Peoples Church (PC) mission statement, “Helping people see God and participate in His redemptive story,” describes why the church decided to begin an extensive building program on the 45-acre campus. The Believe More Than Ever project aims to create a new children’s ministry building and relocate the GL Johnson chapel to face N. Cedar Ave.

Bryce Foshee

The Believe More Than Ever project aims to create a designated building for the children’s ministry.

This moving endeavor recently took place over the course of three days. The chapel finally reached its permanent location, Dec 6. Despite the move, the chapel plans to still host the same events as it did in the past. These include events such as weddings and funerals.

This relocation came under the supervision of the Dinuba House Movers. Peoples Church community outreach pastor Matt Markarian was amazed at the precision and care that this company used during the move.

“They were fantastic,” Markarian said. “The work that they did and how they moved that building very carefully and very safely and put it right exactly in its spot was nothing short of amazing.”

With a planned reopening in Spring 2019, the chapel will undergo refurbishment to put the building back together. This renovation looks to bring a new, refreshed look back to the sanctuary created to commemorate their late pastor, GL Johnson.

The Believe More Than Ever project’s primary aim focuses on the children of the church. The new building plans on solving an issue that never received much notice. During the years when the church was just starting up, they never constructed a dedicated children’s building. This extension solves that problem and more for the Peoples Church ministry.

Construction on the new children’s building is set to begin during the coming fall. However, the project won’t be completed until early 2021. Until that date, many projects still are scheduled for completion. One project includes an open meeting space for the community.

Markarian discusses in the following podcast why he thinks the project will have such a big impact on the community.

Markarian sees this project as an outreach for those living in Fresno. This venture includes creating a new building specialized for the children’s ministry and also a community meeting space for others to come as they are.

“Part of this expansion is this large kind of open area where we call it community space,” Markarian said. “It’s for people to be able to hang out and for them to be able to have Bible studies, talk and kind of just have a nice, safe, clean space for people to be and there aren’t a lot of those in this area where you can just come and sit.”

Markarian estimates that approximately 100-200 students in the Peoples Church student ministry also attend Fresno Christian. These students represent both their church and also their school while remaining on the same campus for six days a week. He feels that being immersed in both of these spaces reinforces the word of God.

Bryce Foshee | The Feather Online

The next step in the project is to start construction on the parking lot.

“They’re involved in many of the activities with the church and the school and it just further reemphasizes and drives home the powerful word of Christ,” Markarian said. “Just having both spaces and being comfortable in both spaces hearing words from both spaces it just only reinforces what the school does and what the church is doing.”

One of the students that goes to Peoples Church and also attends Fresno Christian is sophomore Megan Grimmius. She sees how the project can impact people throughout Fresno and Clovis.

“I think that the Believe More Than Ever project is really going to impact Peoples Church in the best possible way,” Grimmius said. “Not only is it going to impact Peoples Church, but it will impact others in Fresno and Clovis. I think that the new children’s building is a step in the right direction. It will really draw in more families with younger kids, and it’s so awesome to see kids learning about the word of God at such a young age.”

Another Peoples Church attendee Hunter Raynes, ’21, sees this project as a way to draw in more guests to the church because of the comfort in leaving your children in safe hands.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Raynes said. “Focusing on our youth, our children, and making it a big priority for our church is a great idea in general to bring more people in and to have people be comfortable with leaving their children at the church. I think it will have people feel more comfortable with one another if we see each other more. You will see the same faces more than once and be able to connect with people that way.”

This expansion of Peoples Church campus provides the staff with more options for reaching others in the city of Fresno. For more information on the Believe More Than Ever project, visit their website.

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