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Track athletes meet in anticipation for upcoming season

Feather Staff | The Feather Online

The track and field meeting in Room 604 gives students an idea of what the season will look like, Jan. 17.

After a record breaking season, track and field aims to return in the spring stronger than before. The first track and field informational meeting for the 2019 season is planned for lunchtime in Room 604, Jan. 17.

Head coach Mick Fuller will continue his six year coaching streak and looks to build to his team. Interested students should attend the lunch meeting to learn more about the sport and receive practice and meet schedules.

Coach Fuller discusses why interested students should join the team. There are a variety of events that athletes can participate in from short distance running to hurdles.

Track is fun and exciting but also hard work,” Fuller said. “Track meets provide many opportunities to socialize and meet new people,” Fuller said.The first practice will be held Jan. 22, so be sure attend if you have any questions or are ready to join.”

The Feather posted a tweet announcing the track and field meeting on its Twitter feed.

Junior Annabelle Messer describes her two year experience on the track team running the 400 meter dash and the 300 hurdles. Messer encourages wary students to think of the benefits and and consider joining.

“I joined track to help stay in shape for the soccer season,” Messer said. “The hardest part of running track is the mental side, before a race it’s really easy to get stuck in your head. You have to keep pushing yourself when you’re running to finish strong. Track is a great sport for anyone who doesn’t really enjoy contact sports, plus its a great way to stay in shape and maybe they’ll end up loving it.”

Annabelle Messer shares why she participates in track and enjoys working out with the team in the following podcast.

Students will have the chance to meet past track and field participants along with more team related information regarding the upcoming season. For students interested in joining the track team the meeting is Jan. 17 during lunch in room 604.

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