Stobbe celebrates National Popcorn Day

Stobbe celebrates National Popcorn Day

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Kaylie Clem | The Feather Online

Buttered, sweet or plain, popcorn has grown to be a popular treat! Happy National Popcorn Day from Feather co-adviser Greg Stobbe, Jan. 19.

Happy National Popcorn Day! In the words of Feather co-adviser Greg Stobbe, “It’s the best meal ever!” Do you agree?

Did you know? According to National Days website, popcorns’ rise in popularity began in the mid-1800s when Charles Cretors invented a machine in his candy-store that popped corn by steam. By 1900, popcorn was being delivered by the wagon-full in horse-drawn wagons.

This treat continued to advance and its popularity began to grow. Several milestones for popcorn throughout the years include the creation of Cracker Jacks, the installment of popcorn booths inside movie theaters and the invention of microwaves leading to microwaveable bags of popcorn.

Thirteen billion quarts of popcorn are consumed by Americans in one year, which is more than any other country in the world. A majority of popcorn produced worldwide is grown in the United States, with Nebraska leading in the production.

Stobbe also shared his love for the buttery treat last year on National Popcorn Vendor Day. To check out what shenanigans he got into, head to our Instagram page and search up #NationalPopcornVendorDay. Stobbe surprises campus high school office staff, showering them with of handfuls of popcorn.

This poppable treat can be prepared many ways, such as: sweet, salty, caramelized, buttered or plain. What is your favorite way to enjoy popcorn?

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