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Lindsay Weimer | The Feather Online

Sophomore Carston Saelzler creates his propaganda poster during Kori Friesen’s sixth period US history class, Jan 24.

Carston Saelzler, ’21, colors his United States history propaganda poster, Jan. 24. Students in Kori Friesen’s US history class choose topics that are relevant to controversial subjects to illustrate on a poster.

This project helps students to better understand how propaganda is used in US history. The main use of propaganda in World War I was to inform the nation of what was happening overseas and to unify them over a common enemy.

Propaganda is still in use today though it may come in different forms. One way it is presented is through commercials and advertisements.

Junior Kayden Marquez, enjoys learning through hands on projects that allow her to express her creativity and deepen her understanding of the topic.

“Making our own propaganda posters gives us an opportunity to show our opinion and make a statement,” Marquez said. “I am a visual learner so posters are an easy way for me to understand the point people are trying to get across. I think the posters also help us to learn and give us a chance to be creative and express our opinions.”

Students will be presenting their posters in class, Jan. 28. Stay tuned to the Feather’s Instagram page for more details.

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