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Paige Provost | The Feather Online

Students in fifth period zoology begin dissecting a dog shark by cutting open the shark, Jan. 23

Zoology teacher, Dr. Karen Walter’s, fifth-period zoology students dissect dog sharks during lab class, Jan. 23.

Walters gave out packets to guide students during the dissection. Students examine the shark’s organs and how the shark’s body functions.

Walters has taught at Fresno Christian since 2013. Along with zoology, Walters also teaches biology and AP biology. Before teaching at FC, Walters taught at Sierra High School.

Students in zoology have also participated in other dissections, including regenerating flatworms. For more information on that lab, check out Zoology regenerates worms.

Did you know there are over 440 different species of sharks? The biggest shark is a great white, on average being 23 feet long and weighing about 7,000 pounds.

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