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Guard team performs new routine, strives to impress judges

Feather Staff | The Feather Online

Brennen Tozlian, ’21, (left to right) Shauna Howard, ’20, and Selah Draper, ’22, perform last year’s Dollhouse winter guard routine at Clovis North, Jan. 28, 2018.

As students get back into the groove of the second semester, the campus winter guard prepares for their first competition of the season, the Color Guard Classification Show, Jan. 26. Dozens of Central Valley schools arrive at the Clovis East north gym for the first show of the winter season.

The fall season of color guard comes to an end and winter guard begins, Jan. 1. The classification show is an evaluation where teams perform their incomplete routines. Judges observe the routines and give feedback on areas of improvement. Each show acts as a building block for the next, refining every move.

The campus winter guard team participates in the Scholastic Regional A Gold section, competing at 1:06 p.m. after the Clovis North Regional A team. The group’s routine, Landmines, features a dance along with flags and rifles. After the show, the groups receive a clear idea of what division they will compete in for the remainder of the semester.

Under the leadership of coaches Alicia Gonzalez and Michelle Rodriguez, the team of seven grows in skill and talent. Gonzalez shares updates on the team’s performance and how they plan to improve over the competition season.

“Every year we grow as coaches, as choreographers, and as people,” Gonzalez said. “There isn’t a specific thing we do differently, but we progress in how we perfect our routines. The other day we were asked to push the students more so that they could achieve what they want. Especially in our new students, we’ve seen them picking up the choreography really fast. It’s just  great to see the whole team accomplish so much in such a little amount of time.”

In the following podcast, coaches Alicia Gonzalez and Michelle Rodriguez talk about expectations with Addison Schultz for the upcoming 2019 winter guard season.

The team members prepared for their first show by performing in the Pismo Clam Festival, Oct. 19-20, 2018, and the Clovis Electric Lights Parade, Dec. 1, 2018. As they move into the competition season, the group hopes to impress the judges with their new routine.

Continuing in her fifth year on the color guard/winter guard team, junior Brittany McCann anticipates the excitement of the first competition. While her experience on the team has prepared her for the show, McCann mentally prepares for the many faces in the audience.

Feather Staff | The Feather Online

The classification show is an evaluation where teams perform their incomplete routines and judges give feedback on areas of improvement.

“The routine we are are doing is actually kind of a sad song, though it has a lot of happy tones,” McCann said. “The girl singing is talking about love that’s unattainable and how she’s gone through life viewing love as a target with her heart painted on it. I’m really excited just to perform with a new team, it seems every year we always have someone new and eager to learn. I’m excited to get out there and see how successful we can be.”

Fifth year instrumental music director Lesley Bannister sees the winter guard team improving and learning as the season begins. Encouraged by the continued growth, Bannister looks forward to hearing what the judges have to say about the routine.

“We have a couple new members to the guard team this year,” Bannister said. “So we have really been focusing on strengthening their skills and coming up with a routine that emphasizes each member’s strengths! Last year we received third place, which was a huge accomplishment. We are the only guard that is junior high and high school combined so I am always happy to see our scores improving.

The competition is located at the north gym on the Clovis East campus. The next competitions occur on Feb. 8 and March 1 at Clovis East, where teams will be judged and assessed for future performances. Go support your campus winter guard team!

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