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Julia Fikse | The Feather Online

Junior Deborah Ingerson, rapper on ‘Deb and the Destroyers’ surprises chapel audience by performing the rap portion of ‘This Is Living’ in chapel, Jan. 29.

FC worship team members mix up chapel with, ‘Deb and the Destroyers’, performing ’This Is Living’ with junior Deborah Ingerson leading the rap, Jan. 29. The name of the group is inspired by Ingerson, rapper in the group.

Worship team teacher Daniel “G” Garrison and students have been working on new projects that flip the normal roles of worship team members. The first project was Kyle and The Technical Difficulties. The next rearranged group to surprise chapel attendees is ‘Deb and the Destroyers’.

A spin off of ‘Kyle and the Technical Difficulties’, this band is an all girl band. The girls switched musical roles on stage by changing their instruments. They wear matching band attire, rocking denim and black with a pop of red bandanas.

Switched up roles are as follows:

Junior Deborah Ingerson: transitioned from keys to vocalist, rapper.

Junior Lindsay Weimer: transitioned from vocalist to electric guitar.

Sophomore Hannah Villines: transitioned from vocalist to drums.

Senior Amanda Grimmius: transitioned from vocalist to keys.

Senior Kaylie Clem: transitioned from vocalist to synth.

Senior Kamryn Schultz: transitioned from vocalist to base.

Senior Alina Davila: transitioned from keys to acoustic guitar.

Senior Macie Thompson was the only member to remain in her regular position.

All the girls on the team joined forces and made one big all girl band and vocalist group. The class continues to schedule and brain storm unique ways to engage student body in worship with untraditional teams. What do you think the next spin-off team will consist of?

Derrick Alvarez, youth pastor at Clovis Hills, speaks in chapel, encouraging students to stay constant in God’s word and continue on His path.

To check out the video introducing Deb and the Destroyers team members, visit Worship team introduces: ‘Deb and the Destroyers‘. To also watch video coverage of ‘Kyle and the Technical Difficulties’, head over to Kyle and theTechnical Difficulties.

How do you think the girls did? Let us know in the comments below!

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Slideshow below includes images from ‘Deb and the Destroyers’ surprise performance in Tuesday chapel.

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